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Full Color Digital Wrap Pens

WR-BC1Promoting a small business can often be difficult. Promotional pens and personalized pencils can make your company stand out from the crowd, but they are limited in their ability to trigger brand recognition. After all, how often do we look down at our writing utensil and not the paper we are jotting down a shopping list on? Reaching your clients, purveyors and the community can be easier with Full Color Wrap Pens from the Pen Factory.

Simply select a cool picture from our choice of fun, attractive designs and we will wrap that baby round a high-quality pen of your choice. What better way to get brand recognition than to give away pens people will want to keep? Remind your customers of the enjoyable experience they had with your business, with more than just words- after all, pictures are worth a thousand of those!

Our Full Color Wrap Pens come in many flavors, from convenient clickers to neat, portable ballpoints. Our designs include many specific graphics pertinent to your business, such as our Medical graphic with the seal of Hermes, or our Liberty design, perfect for your Fourth of July event. Getting custom pens wholesale serves the double purpose of outfitting your office with quality writing utensils, advertising yourself to anyone simply looking in, and gives a professional appeal.