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Go Green and Save Money

It’s true what they say, going green really is good for everyone. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans produce 251 million tons of trash per year. That number is too high for comfort and we should all do our part to help reduce waste.

Going green does not have to be a dramatic life changing decision. It’s actually quite easy and involves small changes in your daily routine, most of which are hardly even noticeable.  One way to start is to help reduce plastic trash.

Start small by bringing your own reusable drinkware to coffee shops. Starbucks will actually take 10 cents off your coffee price for helping the green cause. For the regulars, that extra difference in price means a free coffee once every two weeks. Another sweet incentive is the fact that if you order a small coffee and bring a large reusable cup, you get a little extra cup of Joe, free of charge.

Why pay a dollar every time you need to re-hydrate? The average person should be drinking around 1.9 liters of water a day. This translates to about 4 regular sized bottles of water.

PenFactory.com offers affordable drinkware products for all to enjoy. You can also customize and personalize your eco-friendly cups. Give them as gifts, or use them to promote your business. Whatever the function, these products do their part to help protect the environment.  Bring your own water bottle or customized drinkware instead and spend the dollars on something else.