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How Promotional Products Help Your Business

Giving Makes You More Likely to Receive

You’ve heard of the law of reciprocity. If you give your customers a little something, they’re more likely to give a little bit (or a lot) of business back to you! Whether a customer does business with you immediately or in the future, a promotional product is a great way to help customers resonate with your business. When they have you in their mind, the next time they need your product or service, they’re more likely to seek you out.

Free Stuff Draws Attention

Promotional products draw attention to your brand and your business. It’s undeniable that people LOVE free stuff! Free stuff is a must when your business goes to a trade show. Promotional products placed throughout a trade show is also a great way to draw attention to your booth, so that people will recognize your business when they reach it. Even giving away free stuff at the entryway of your business is a great way to being people into your business.

Promotional Products Stick as Advertisements

A TV ad runs for a few seconds, and unless it has a catchy jingle, it doesn’t really stick with people. Promotional products are a unique form of advertising that stay around for a long time. You may even use some promotional products in your own home each day. Promotional products are a unique form of advertising that can actually reach a target market for an unlimited amount of time. Promotional products all have one thing in common-they are useful. In traditional advertising, the number of impressions decrease once the ads stop running. This limitation doesn’t arise when it comes to advertising with promotional products since people actually use them.

Increase Brand Recognition

For consumers to achieve brand recognition it requires repeated exposure to the brand name along with the logo. It’s easier to remember something when you see it repetitively. The useful nature of promotional products allows for this recognition.

Pens Work For Your Business

Pens can travel really well. People still use pens to take notes and make lists. People also share their pens. This means your brand gets exposed to more and more people as a simple pen is passed around.

Promote Your Image

Using promotional items can help to build your brand awareness and also can help build your brand reputation. Whether you use promotional items to give to hard working employees or as a form of customer appreciation, your reach and image can only be improved through these gestures.

Promotional Products Aren’t Limited to Your Target Audience

Sometimes, our perfect customers are actually outside of our target audiences. This is when promotional products come in. Promotional items such as pens have no limitations. There’s no geographic limitations because they are easy to ship and can travel far and wide easily.

Get Free Exposure For Free Stuff

Due to the high exposure rates that promotional items allow for, your company will create a positive affiliation with many different organizations and individuals. Promotional products deliver brand recognition, which in turn creates sales. Promotional products help your business to be recommended more than you may realize.

Take Action

Does your company have a stash of promotional pens ready for your next trade show? Do you have promotional products readily available to give out to customers and prospective clients? If you have these on hand, you can be ready to take advantage of all of the benefits that promotional products can bring to your business. If not, you need to browse our Pen Factory site and discover the many different kinds of promotional products that your company can use to promote business far and wide.