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How to Customize Your Halloween Handouts

Customization isn’t just for business promotional items–it’s a great way to create special mementos for events and holidays, including Halloween. Check out our previous post on ideas for healthier Halloween handouts, and then try these Halloween gift personalization tips out!




Occasion and Year: If you want your item to commemorate this particular holiday, try adding a simple “Halloween 2015”. Who knows–maybe they’ll become collectibles in your community!


The Moon: Look up what cycle the moon will be at on Halloween, and use an image alone or along with the date for a pretty–and a little eerie–but still meaningful customization feature. You can even add a little witch on a broomstick if you’d like.


Jokes: A goofy joke or riddle can make you smile, no matter how many times you’ve heard the punch line–or how corny it is. Check out this site for family-friendly inspiration, and try emblazoning some faves on your gift items.


Relevant quotes: A little riskier than jokes, quotations can still be fun if done right! Stuff that’s a little hokey can be fun–like quoting LoTR nerding out and quoting Tolkien’s ““May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out,” on a flashlight.


Your child’s artwork: Featuring your kid’s digitalized artwork on your handouts can be a fun way to make your kid feel great and share something truly unique with your neighborhood. Just be careful to avoid hurt feelings. Always ask your child’s permission, and use your best judgement, particularly with school-age kids–you don’t want to set anyone up to get hurt.