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Keep Customers Coming Back With Personalized Pens

The holidays are over, but people still love to shop!

This far into the New Year, many people have already given up their New Years resolutions, but for small business owners it’s a great time to make or alter New Years resolutions. January is the perfect time to launch a new small business or to begin promoting an already opened small business.

People may not have much money after the holiday season, but there’s no doubt about it – they still love to shop. When customers come into your small business, offer them a promotional pen, personalized with all of your business information. Whether they make a purchase or not, giving them a promotional pen will benefit your small business.

Just think about it – A woman will most likely stick the pen in her purse and use it on the go, while men may leave their pen at work or in the car. Every time they take the pen out to make a note they’ll be reminded of the fantastic customer service and customer appreciation that your business has to offer.

Promotional pens can also come in handy for small businesses online sales. Every time you ship out a customers purchase include one of your personalized business pens with a small thank you note. In the end, going the extra mile for your customers can really benefit your small business. Visit us at PenFactory.com to see all of our affordable personalized business pens and other personalized business promotion products.