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Letter Opener with Colored Sticky Flags

Promotional ItemsNifty promotional products are a great conversation starter but they are best when they also offer some sort of intrinsic value. This is why we recently incorporated a full line of personalized tech gadgets into our product line, including USB drives, headphones, smartphone stands, etc. It is also why so many of our perennial favorites are things with real use to consumers.

One of our favorite examples is our Letter Opener with Colored Sticky Flags. This little gem offers two values in one and can be a great asset when paying bills or updating any other paperwork. The sticky flags are an integral part of so many people’s bookkeeping while the letter opener allows you to speed through both important and unimportant mail with aplomb.

Businesses of all kinds have incorporated these letter openers into their promotions and into their day to day work life. Now we want you to be the next business branding themselves via these fantastic little tools. Adorn a logo on the item and give it out to customers or potential customers!