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Magnetic Clips for Chips and Memos

Magnetic ClipsWhether you need to hang a note on the refrigerator or close a half eaten bag of Doritos magnetic clips are useful and seemingly always in short supply. Consumers who receive promotional magnetic clips from supermarkets and other businesses inevitably leave them on their fridge for years, whenever they’re not holding a bag of cookies closed.

Using clips like these to preserve the freshness of food is not new but it was never the goal when these items were made. “The chip clip” as some call it was the result of savvy customers getting creative with these clips. For most people both that use and the traditional memo holder will serve its purpose. In fact you might find customers complaining that they do not have enough of these clips!

Businesses looking for the right personalized promotional product want something useful to consumers and affordable for themselves. These clips are the ideal option no matter what you are promoting. Customers rarely go out and buy clips like these on their own, making receiving one all the better!