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Perfect Personalized Holiday Presents for your Favorite Professor!

Have a favorite professor? Give them a holiday treat!

Are you looking for the perfect holiday present for your teacher or professor? PenFactory.com has the perfect personalized present for your favorite professor – choose from a variety of personalized pens, bags, office supplies, drinkware and more! These personalized presents are affordable, so you can even make a small personalized gift basket! Here are some products you can include in a holiday gift basket for your favorite professor.


  • Grading papers is time consuming, but it can take even longer if you don’t have a comfortable pen. Your professor will be jumping for joy when you give them of few of these comfortable soft grip pens. Personalize these unique presents with a special message, your name, or your professor’s name.
  • Metal pens are another present that will please your professor. Choose from over 30 different metal pens that you can personalize with a holiday message for the professors whose class you loved.
  • We have a plastic apple keychain that would look perfect hanging from a professor’s keys.
  • Coffee is a professor’s go to morning drink. They’ll love drinking their morning cup of brew in one of these customizable thermoses.
  • If you want to give display these gifts in something other than a basket or a normal gift bag, display all of your personalized presents in a tote bag, personalized with their name. The tote bag will come in handy for carrying papers and books to and from classes.


Some of our personalized office supplies include letter openers, spiral tablets, pocket-sized notebooks, a memo case, highlighters, a mini stapler, magnetic clips, binder clips, calculators and more! You can find all of our personalized promotional pens and other products at PenFactory.com.