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Perfecting Your Logo

CPromotional Productsreating the perfect logo for a company can be incredibly difficult. Whether you are a small shop or a huge corporation you have to find a balance between impactful simplicity and a uniqueness that makes sense for your brand. The biggest companies recruit pricey graphic designers in order to get the perfect logo but smaller businesses can just follow a few basic principals to find the right fit:

  • Keep Things Unique: You can learn a lot about what is right from popular logos. One thing you should not do is borrow directly from their designs. Try and avoid fonts and color choices already made by your competition. Where they zig, try and zag.
  • Represent Yourself: Figuring out how to represent yourself is easier said than done but there are ways. If you are toy store your logo should be fun, if you are a law firm things should look trustworthy and regal.
  • Keep It Functional: Multiple colors, intricate designs, and other things might look nice but they could limit the places your logo lands. Keep things functional so you can incorporate your logo in a variety of places.
  • Follow Design Basics: Clarity, form, symmetry, and other basic principals of design are vital. Keep these in mind as you design.

Once you have landed on a great logo design come check us out for some of the branded promotional items that help promote businesses of every size!