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Personalized Favors for a Bar Mitzvah

personalized favorsA Bar Mitzvah is a great chance to show your true colors as a young man. You get to become a man in front of family and friends, pick a theme that gives everyone a sense of who you are, and you might even dance with a girl in front of your whole family.

This is also a chance to allow your young man to choose his own personalized favors. Guests always expect a little something at an event as big as a Bar Mitzvah. Whether they choose a traditional personalized pen or something more unique, like the triangular highlighter pictured here, they will be expressing themselves while also offering adults a useful little gift.

Becoming an adult is as much about understanding your relationship to those around you as it is a personalized moment of celebration. By allowing your son to choose his own party favor, you are asking him to consider the preferences of those attending the party.

All of Pen Factory’s personalized favors can be adorned with a logo commemorating the special day, whether you want a photo of your special guy or simply some text acknowledging the date of this momentous occasion. Commemorating a special event with a small token like a pen or highlighter is a great way to reward all involved.