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Personalized Favors for Weddings

personalized favorsIt is undeniably wedding season. Spring is the season when most couples want to tie the knot, and it is easy to see why. There is that scent of new life and new love in the air, and everything just feels a lot more scenic this time of year. Of course weddings mean a whole lot of planning.

One of the funner things engaged couples have to consider is what to pass out to guests as wedding favors. Pen Factory has a number of stellar options for commemorating your wedding and allowing guests to take a piece of it home. There are reusable coffee cups that can have your picture or more simply your name and the date in an adorable font. There are also keychains adorned with a photo of the happy couple (that might just be you!) to celebrate your special day.

These are just some of the personalized favors we have to offer. If they do not seem right for your reception and wedding day, they can also make appreciative favors for bachelor and bachelorette parties or rehearsal dinners. There is a lot of giving that comes along with weddings, so give in style!