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Productive and Money-Saving Promotional Travel Cups

promotional travel cupsPromotional business items are obviously great for getting your name out there and for reaffirming customer loyalty. That said, these personalized business items can also be useful assets to employees simply working in the office. Obviously when you bought those personalized business pens, you knew employees were going to use them, but that is not the only item that can become an integral part of your employees’ lives.

These promotional travel mugs with the flip top can be a simple way for employees to stock up on water at the cooler before heading back to their desks. Chances are if you have a water cooler, employees are wasting hours each and every year filling up tiny plastic or paper cups and bringing them back to their desks, before inevitably heading right back to the cooler and filling up a fresh cup. This means you are wasting cash from your company’s bottom line on cups and losing productivity at the same time.

These promotional travel cups are a wonderful gift for your employees and an easy way to help the company. Your employees will be thrilled to show off your company logo on these travel cups to and from work as well.