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Promotional Items Are Low Cost and High Yield Advertising

promotional pensWith the year coming to an end many businesses are looking for ways to start 2014 on the right foot. Investing in promotion can be a great way to help ensure that 2014 is a more profitable year than 2013. The way that you invest your advertising budget is important to how your whole year will play out.

For many companies the answer is to invest in the largest forum available to them. Whether that is print publications, radio, television, or the Internet there is a lot of places to spend money but they can rarely guarantee results. By contrast promotional business items have a variety of positive statistics backing up their viability for bringing in new and return business.

The first and most important thing to consider about promotional products like pens and keychains is their cost per impression. While the cost per impression of a radio ad and a promotional business item are both $.003 the physical item offers a customer a constant reminder of your pertinent information. 81% of consumers keep promotional items that are useful to them. The result is a constant reminder to them and anyone who they cross paths with of your company. In the end the investment in promotional pens or other products is a much safer bet than those big reach low yield options.