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Promotional Keychain Pocket Knives

promotional business itemsAfter more than a decade of air tight restrictions on what you can bring on a plane, it was announced recently that several items were going to be allowed on planes once again. Among those items were small knives. Anyone who grew up as a Boy Scout likely knows just how useful a handy pocket knife can be.

Whether unwrapping some unruly product packaging, trimming a stray cuticle or tightening a screw in an electronic device, you might find a small pocket knife to be of surprising use in your adult life. That is why these promotional keychains from Pen Factory, which just happen to be pocket knives, are such a useful item for companies looking to make an impact.

For a while, the restrictions placed on these kinds of knives might have meant a company would wait to buy a large supply of these promotional keychains, but with these loosened restrictions, now is the time to invest. If you own a tool store, a wood working shop or any other kind of rustic company, this is the ideal promotional business item for you.

You might be surprised yourself at just how nifty these pocket knives, adorned with your own logo, will be.