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Promotional Keychains Make Great Souvenirs

promotional key chainsTourist destinations have long utilized promotional business items not just in the free giveaway, get-the-word-out model, but as actual products worth selling in a gift shop. In our youths many of us eagerly awaited summer family vacations not just for the chance to do new things, but also for the opportunity to get some awesome souvenirs. To that end, some inexpensive promotional keychains are not just fun for kids but a great relief to cash-strapped parents.

You remember the keychains of your youth. They were a collection. You might not have even had keys yet. Perhaps they dangled from a shelf above your bed or simply sat in a small Tupperware somewhere in your childhood dresser. Each one came with it a record of your very limited experience, and each stuck with you well into high school.

If you run a shop in a tourist-heavy area or simply have the kind of tourist haven that attracts a lot of families, you can take promotional keychains and turn them into a nice little hunk of business. You can also capture the imagination of kids as they pass through and assure decades of families exploring your area.