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Promotional Pens for Touchscreens

business promotional itemsLooking for a more modern variation on the classic promotional pens that so many companies have taken advantage of from Pen Factory? Want an item that says you still have the same fun business promotional items that have always made a business good at self-promotion but also have a sense of the future?

Look no further than our personalized i-Stylus Grip Pens. These are excellent for any company who has an electronic signature machine near the cash register. It is also convenient for tech service companies specializing in repairing computer tablets and other touchscreen technologies, as the pens work on most of these devices.

It is a new century, and while the charm of a logo-adorned ballpoint pen is still something to value, doing something to update that old template is a smart way to keep things vibrant and fun. While these i-Stylus Grip Pens are a bit more specialized than some of the other personalized favors offered from Pen Factory, it is a savvy option for any company on the cutting edge.

These devices are likely to become more and more frequent in everyday life. Now is probably the perfect time to order a box or two for your company!