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Promotional Pens, Keychains or Cups for Crowd-Sourced Projects

promotional pensThese days many young artists are using the Internet to fund their art projects. Whether making a short film or recording an album with your band, making art can cost a lot of money. Thanks to websites like Kickstarter and Indie-Go-Go, more and more artists are getting the cash they need to bring their projects to life. Key to the process of funding these projects is asking friends, loved ones and interested parties for donations in exchange for some “perks” like items adorned with the projects logo.

PenFactory.com is a great resource for artists looking to offer contributors promotional pens or promotional keychains adorned with a band name, movie title or any other original graphics from your project. The results works in two superb ways. Firstly, people making donations get useful products that are fun! Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, these items keep the project fresh in people’s minds and spreads the word encouraging others to check out the project.

If you are putting together a “crowd-sourced” art project, look to PenFactory.com to help move your project along. Everything from pens and keychainsto reusable travel cups can be stellar rewards for fans. And prices are affordable when you purchase in bulk.