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Promotional Products for Bands!

Reusable DrinkwareThe whole music industry has been upended by the Internet over the last two decades. What was once a huge business based on record sales has become increasingly fractious. For musicians these days things like live performance, merchandising, licensing, and streaming have all taken on a much bigger role. Promoting your band or your own music is no longer about selling a CD, it’s about selling a much more immersive experience that starts on the Web.

Good news is hard to find in the music industry these days but one positive is new artists can harness promotion methods to make an impact faster. By simply having a presence on social media, Spotify, and Bandcamp you can begin to pick up fans. You can also harness the more traditional promotional power of branded promotional products like keychains, reusable drinkware, and so much more. By handing these items out at concerts, record stores, coffee shops, and anywhere else influential hipsters might congregate you can drive people to your music. Eventually you can make them a fan and perhaps even sell them some merchandise or a concert ticket.

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