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Reasonably Priced Personalized Favors as Trip Souvenirs

personalized keychainCommemorating a vacation can end up costing an average American family hundreds of dollars on top of the cost of the vacation itself. You go to amusement parks and smash logos of your favorite roller coaster into pennies at $5 a pop. You get your clan printed on t-shirts or keychains for each member of the family. Then you leave the trip and realize you have hundreds of photos that will go mostly unused, save for occupying a place on your Facebook profile.

This is why we here at Pen Factory would love to encourage you to skip the smashed pennies and the overpriced personalized keychains at the tourist destination in favor of our more modestly priced personalized favors. You can use the hundreds of photos you have taken and throw them on a keychain after your trip or on a reusable travel mug. In each case, you will be saving a lot of money and getting a higher quality souvenir.

We pride ourselves on making high-quality products, while far too many touristy gift shops refuse to spring for durable, well-made items. With our services you can capture your memories at a price that is actually reasonable.