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Reliable Marketing Through Promotional Business Items

promotional keychainsThe cost and unreliability of some advertising can be enough to crush many ambitious businesses in their nascent stages. Marketing is testing and that means that television, print, Internet, and radio commercials are sometimes exercises in futility. No one can guarantee that your media is going to motivate someone to make a purchase or even check out a website.

By contrast the numbers on the side of promotional business items are undeniable. 84% of people can identify the advertising on promotional products versus millions of commercials that might wiz by without recognition. Upon receiving promotional business items 42% of recipients had a more favorable view of a given company. That favorable view is sure to result in repeat business but perhaps more importantly it will result in positive word of mouth.

When you convince a consumer that your business is worth sharing the power is huge in today’s marketplace. With social media every consumer has a soap box where they can help drive business to the places they see as good. Suddenly investing in some promotional keychains has become an effective extension of your branding online. The posts of friends and loved ones far outreach those paid for ads that run along the side of your favorite social media platform.