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Replace Your Business Cards with Promotional Business Items

Building a brand out of one’s self is key in this age of business. While your skills might make you the envy of corporations of all kinds your limited ability to market yourself can stifle your ability to get heard above the others. People have taken to making far more impactful business cards in order to get themselves noticed. One enterprising TV host, Nathan for You‘s Nathan Fielder, even suggested sticking your business card on the back of a live turtle.

The live animal advertising might be a little more extreme than you are ready for. Luckily there are other options, like promotional keychains, pens, and other personalized small items. Personal promotion is a new way to get yourself into the right situations to get yourself employed by the right kinds of businesses. Check out the variety of options available to you in order to better promote yourself. Check out PenFactory for more information and the very agreeable pricing of promotional business items and consider if these might be the new business card.