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Reusable Travel Cups and Other Items for Charity

reusable travel cupCharitable organizations have used promotional business items to help reach their goals of fundraising and awareness raising for decades. Adorning a professional logo that offers information of the mission of your organization is a great tool of the non-profit world.

The reasons for offering things like reusable travel cups to charitable contributors vary. There is the mere fact that you would like to reward the people who are joining you to fight whatever the good fight is that you have taken on. The promotional pens, cups, keychains, and other items are a fantastic option because they are inexpensive first and foremost. Rather than utilizing precious resources to shower expensive gifts on those that help your cause you can offer small tokens without breaking the bank.

Another reason so many charitable organization hands out these items is their continued promotional power. Each time a person sips from the logo adorned travel cup you gave them you are exposing legions of passersby, acquaintances, and friends to the cause. This is why it is important that your logo offers information about exactly what that cause is.

Finally, by offering a free gift you incline your contributors to continue to participate. The long term psychology of this kind of gift giving suggests that people will feel obliged for longer when they receive a gift of some kind.