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Say Thank You To Employees With Business Promotion Pens

Celebrate the holidays with personalized pens

Are you looking for a way to show your loyal employees that you’re thinking of them and appreciate all the work they’ve been doing? Personalized business promotion items like pens and key chains aren’t just for promoting your business! You can use these personalized products as gifts for your hard working employees.


At the PenFactory.com, we have custom pens, pencils and other personalized products that your employees will surely love! Here are some of the ideas we came up with.


You can never have enough office supplies. From personalized letter openers to personalized memo cases we have so many personalized office supplies you could fill a desk with them!

  • Available in purple, red and blue, our Pocket Pal mini hard-covered notebooks are great for keeping track of reminders and other office needs.
  • Say thank you with one of our flip top sport bottles. These handy drink bottles are available in red, blue and green.


Everyone loves pens, especially when they come as a gift! Every time they write, your employees will think fondly of you and your gift. We have a variety of personalized pens that everyone will love.

  • Retractable pens are easy to us, simply click and write. Our retractable pens are so affordable you’ll be able to give each employee multiple pens!
  • Our selection of affordable metal pens will make your employees feel like a million bucks.


You can find these and more personalized products to show your employees how much they matter to you at PenFactory.com.