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Signing for Debit Purchases Opens Up Promo Possibilities

Promotional PensWhen a customer needs to sign for a transaction, thanks to their ever present debit card, there is an opportunity to improve the connection, communication, and long term relationship of the customer. That extra transaction and moment can be a bold opportunity even as your clerk or you are having your attention pulled by other customers. It is here that a promotional pen can go a long way. Hand it to the customer so they can jot his or her signature on the slip, then simply tell them “Keep it!”

Once you have given a branded promotional pen to a customer you have made a connection. The pen will travel with them. They will use it. Eventually someone else might pick it up. In the time between the transaction and when the pen runs out of ink you will have put your brand name into the hands and eyes of customers repeatedly for just a few cents of investment.

This connection might seem negligible but it is far from it. Brand awareness and a feeling of generosity can take a business further than you can imagine. Even better, the risk of loss is actually truly negligible. Just go for it.