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Smaller Smarter Advertising with Promotional Products

Reusable DrinkwareWhen the biggest companies in the world decide on their annual advertising budgets the numbers are usually in the millions. There is the cost of producing advertising content, be it print, radio, Web, or television, this can get very expensive. Then there is the price of buying the advertising itself. Large ad buys on television networks or large magazines can eat millions off of a business’s bottom line. All of this is in service of advertising that may or may not move customers in any way.

For the smaller businesses out there advertising budgets are obviously much tighter. Not only are the budgets themselves tighter but tracking their success has to be a lot more controlled as well. That is why so many small and mid-sized businesses go the route of promotional products when trying to get their name out there.

Whether you are buying promotional keychains or some kind of logo adorned reusable drinkware the costs are a tiny fraction of the costs being spent by your larger competitors. You also can be sure that the return on investment is easy to track. You will be able to ask customers personally what brought them in and if your promotional items had any affect.