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Start a Pen Collection During National Hobby Month!

Enjoy collecting pens... It's easy with PenFactory.com

As you step into the New Year, step into a new hobby during National Hobby Month. There are many different hobbies you can try, but one of our favorites is collecting pens. Here are some of the things you need to know and the steps you need to take in order to start your very own collection of ink pens.

  1. Take the first step, and begin researching pen collecting. You can do research over the internet or at your local library.
  2. Set aside an allotted amount of money or a budget that you can spend on your hobby.
  3. Decide whether you want your collection to be of antique fountain pens, modern fountain pens or both. If you want, you can even narrow the type of pens you collect down to a name brand.
  4. Find or buy a place to store your pens. Those people who have been collecting pens for awhile and have accumulated a vast collection, display their pens in a glass case. For now, you can store your collection carefully in a plastic container or even a shoebox. If your collection includes antique pens, wrap them in tissue paper or even toilet paper to protect them for becoming damaged.
  5. Start searching for pens to expand your collection. You can find antique and new fountain pens online, at pen shows and at pen shops.

Pen collecting may seem like a boring hobby, but these treasures can teach you about history and the technology of the past. Just remember that this is your hobby, so collect whatever pens you like. Just because mainstream pen collectors crave fountain pens, doesn’t mean you must also. The Pen Factory is your number one source for great personalized pens—perfect for your collection!