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Surprise Party with Surprise Party Favors

personalized keychainsMilestone birthdays are best celebrated with big surprise parties. They offer the opportunity to do something special for the guest of honor while also giving the whole event a fun theme to plan around. That theme is of course the guest of honor his or herself.

You can play games that are oriented around that person. Trivia games, pin the so and so on a picture of them, a contest that would specifically appeal to them, each party event can be a celebration of your friend or family member.

Another great thing to do at events like this is offer personalized gifts and prizes themed around the birthday boy or girl. You can get personalized pens with some phrase you and your friends associate with them. You can get personalized keychains that have some classic photo of a moment that everyone loves to reminisce about. These gifts are a great token of friendship that will be sure to thrill the recipient of a surprise birthday party and their guests.

Celebrating people with a surprise party is a great way to have fun and do something special. Planning is important though! Get the right personalized items and have a great party everyone can enjoy.