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Branding and Your Unique Value

Major businesses spend a lot of time considering branding. Finding a brand identity is often much lower on the itineraries of small business owners. When you own and operate your own business it can be difficult to make time for marketing. The good news is with branded promotional items you can start to build a

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What Info Does Your Promotional Product Need?

For small businesses free branded promotional items are a no brainer. Companies see such a huge return on the branded products they handout because it establishes a connection with the customer but also because it ensures they will remember your name. Beyond that though companies have to consider what other pertinent information should be on the

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Perfecting Your Logo

Creating the perfect logo for a company can be incredibly difficult. Whether you are a small shop or a huge corporation you have to find a balance between impactful simplicity and a uniqueness that makes sense for your brand. The biggest companies recruit pricey graphic designers in order to get the perfect logo but smaller businesses

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