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Signing for Debit Purchases Opens Up Promo Possibilities

When a customer needs to sign for a transaction, thanks to their ever present debit card, there is an opportunity to improve the connection, communication, and long term relationship of the customer. That extra transaction and moment can be a bold opportunity even as your clerk or you are having your attention pulled by other

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Branding Your Business Cheaply and Quickly

“Building your brand,” many people say it about their business but not many seem to follow through. The reasons for this lack of follow through is clear, running a business in and of itself is very difficult. The time it takes to truly put effort into branding could be spent hustling for sales or simply

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Building a Brand with Promotional Giveaways

Whoever dismissively once said “What’s in a name?” must not have been a business owner. As the owner and operator of any business your name is everything. It is the thing you have authority and propriety over. In so many businesses as the market changes a brand name becomes the most important asset in a

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