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Promotional Business Items Show Customers Value

When promoting your company it is important to offer some implicit value to consumers. For example, we are currently promoting PenFactory.com’s wide array of promotional business items through this very blog. The way that we can give the blog itself value is by offering real advice from actual business professionals who understand how to promote

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Does Your Business Need a Tagline?

A great logo is simple and can be adjusted to the design sensibilities of a given era. It can also be placed in a variety of contexts, from a shopping bag to a reusable travel mug to magazine advertisement featuring a cartoon duck. The best logos can incorporate other elements and be incorporated into other

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Holiday-Themed Promotional Travel Cups

A holiday-themed promotional business item could be in order for any kind of business this time of the year. Acknowledging the holidays is a great way to endear yourself to consumers; it is also a great opportunity to get playful with your business’s established logo. By adding snowflakes, a wreath, or some other holiday-themed adornment,

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Promotional Backpacks for Student Employees

Trying to recruit a few money-hungry college students to be your employees? A great offer is a backpack adorned with a company logo. Your trusty employees can strut around campus conveniently carrying their books, and anything else they may need, while carrying the banner for your store or shop. These pleasant business gifts are also

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