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Promotional Pens That Ship In 24 Hours

We have all forgotten things. Even as we load up our digital calendars and emails with reminders stuff can slip through the cracks. Still, when something does slip you want to be ready to manage it fast. This is why Pen Factory has a whole line of promotional pens that are ready to get your

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Letter Opener with Colored Sticky Flags

Nifty promotional products are a great conversation starter but they are best when they also offer some sort of intrinsic value. This is why we recently incorporated a full line of personalized tech gadgets into our product line, including USB drives, headphones, smartphone stands, etc. It is also why so many of our perennial favorites are things

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New Promotional Tech Gadgets!

Advertisers often talk about “harnessing technology for your brand.” Problem is harnessing the promotional power of social networks, smartphones, streaming videos, the World Wide Web, and, I don’t know, drones(?) costs money and time, not to mention know-how. For small and medium sized business owners the realities can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Still, the

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Branding Your Business Cheaply and Quickly

“Building your brand,” many people say it about their business but not many seem to follow through. The reasons for this lack of follow through is clear, running a business in and of itself is very difficult. The time it takes to truly put effort into branding could be spent hustling for sales or simply

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Promote Your Band Without Becoming a Brand

So your band is on a brief tour of a few different cities. You managed to book some gigs and now the trick is getting folks to come see the show. With some promotional items featuring a band logo and a brief conversation talking up your show you can guarantee some return on your investment.

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Promotional Pens and Keychains for Artists

We talk a lot about how promotional items can help businesses. This might, to some extent, leave out a class of folks who could use our products in fun and creative ways. Namely, artists. Each artist has the chance to turn their work into a cottage industry. By not promoting you are leaving your art,

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Promotional Items Are Low Cost and High Yield Advertising

With the year coming to an end many businesses are looking for ways to start 2014 on the right foot. Investing in promotion can be a great way to help ensure that 2014 is a more profitable year than 2013. The way that you invest your advertising budget is important to how your whole year

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Bottle Opener Promotional Keychains Last

Apparently people like to drink. Whether you enjoy popping a cold one open yourself or not, you probably recognize the tremendous business opportunity humans’ love of booze presents. This opportunity is not limited to people who serve alcoholic drinks. No matter what business you happen to work in, you can make people’s love of drinking

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