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Promotional Keychains Make Great Souvenirs

Tourist destinations have long utilized promotional business items not just in the free giveaway, get-the-word-out model, but as actual products worth selling in a gift shop. In our youths many of us eagerly awaited summer family vacations not just for the chance to do new things, but also for the opportunity to get some awesome

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The Psychology of Promotional Business Items

For some companies, the idea behind investing in promotional business items is marketing, plain and simple. As with all marketing though, there is a healthy dose of psychology at play in this process. Tapping into people’s gratitude and good nature might seem like a dicey business process, but that is exactly what those logo-adorned promotional

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Promotional Keychain Pocket Knives

After more than a decade of air tight restrictions on what you can bring on a plane, it was announced recently that several items were going to be allowed on planes once again. Among those items were small knives. Anyone who grew up as a Boy Scout likely knows just how useful a handy pocket

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