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The Surprising Reach of Promotional Products

The startling reach and longer term effect of promotional products can surprise even us sometimes. A promotional keychain from a business in a tourist hub of Austin, Texas could end up in Juno, Alaska in a day, spreading word of mouth further than any local ad buy ever could. One year, two years, three years

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Promotional Business Items Show Customers Value

When promoting your company it is important to offer some implicit value to consumers. For example, we are currently promoting PenFactory.com’s wide array of promotional business items through this very blog. The way that we can give the blog itself value is by offering real advice from actual business professionals who understand how to promote

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Defining Your Brand

The promotional business items sold by PenFactory offer multiple benefits to anyone who utilizes them. Each promotional keychain and pen offers some promotional muscle while also helping your business to define a brand identity. The intricacies that define your brand identity can be served or hurt by your promotional items’ colors, logos, slogans, and which

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Promotional Business Items for Holiday Promotion

Last week we talked up our reusable travel cups and just how perfect they are for cold weather promotion. This week we are going to move the season’s shift a little further down the line and talk about holiday promotions. If you are looking to get your customers into the mood for gift buying a

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Promotional Business Items for a Cause

Fighting for a cause can seem like pushing a large rock up a steep staircase. There are bumps of perception, and the only thing keeping you moving forward is your own willingness to push harder. Getting the word out there means ingratiating yourself to people, garnering their trust and finally connecting them with your message

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Bottle Opener Promotional Keychains

Fewer and fewer people seem interested in non-functional keychains. Instead, more and more people are getting keychains that have some utility to them, often as promotional business items. Recently we have talked up our tape measures and pocket knife keychains. They are incredibly popular variations on the old, free promotional items that we pride ourselves

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