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Promotional School Supplies

For many businesses Back to School is the biggest and best time of the year. In the nature of striking while the iron is hot, and encouraging customers to come in, promotional products can go a long way. Free promotional pencils, pens, and other items are in more demand than usual as parents scramble to

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Promotional Backpacks for Student Employees

Trying to recruit a few money-hungry college students to be your employees? A great offer is a backpack adorned with a company logo. Your trusty employees can strut around campus conveniently carrying their books, and anything else they may need, while carrying the banner for your store or shop. These pleasant business gifts are also

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Fun Facts About Promotional Pencils

Being called Pen Factory sort of assures that we do a lot of business on our personalized promotional pens. Why? They are exceptional! Our wide selection of promotional business items extends well beyond pens. As any regular reader to this blog is surely well aware of, we make room for travel mugs, keychains and tiny

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