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Promotional Products for Bands!

The whole music industry has been upended by the Internet over the last two decades. What was once a huge business based on record sales has become increasingly fractious. For musicians these days things like live performance, merchandising, licensing, and streaming have all taken on a much bigger role. Promoting your band or your own

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Re-Gifting and Promotional Products

Each day this week on our Promotional Products we’ll be highlighting how promotional products can help promote and brand your business. While we have discussed many of these benefits on this blog today they each bare repeating, especially considering how fragmented so much marketing has become. While you might be bringing in valuable customers from

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New Personalized Cups!

As part of our continued effort to have the best promotional and personalized items on the market we recently added some new variations of reusable drinkware. Whether you are looking for a reusable cup for hot beverages or cold we are sure to have something stylish and cool. We will put your logo on these and

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Don’t Stop Promoting During Lulls

With the holidays behind us businesses can sometimes start to feel the bite of a cold winter. People are shopping less merely because they are out less. It is during this period that promotion can be used to shore up holes in budgets or to continue to build a business’s brand during a fallow period.

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Branded Gifts for the Holidays!

You owe much of the success of your business to the kind men and women who choose to patronize your business each and every day. It is with that in mind that we would like to remind you that the season of giving is nearly upon us. Since you buy gifts for friends, family, and

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Promotional Business Items Show Customers Value

When promoting your company it is important to offer some implicit value to consumers. For example, we are currently promoting PenFactory.com’s wide array of promotional business items through this very blog. The way that we can give the blog itself value is by offering real advice from actual business professionals who understand how to promote

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How Can I Get My Business Noticed?

Being memorable is not something the average person thinks about day to day. We try and do our best and hopefully our work and the quality of our character is enough to get us the right kind of recognition. For companies there is no way you can merely rest on these kinds of laurels. In

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Smaller Smarter Advertising with Promotional Products

When the biggest companies in the world decide on their annual advertising budgets the numbers are usually in the millions. There is the cost of producing advertising content, be it print, radio, Web, or television, this can get very expensive. Then there is the price of buying the advertising itself. Large ad buys on television

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