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The Psychology of Promotional Business Items

promotional business itemsFor some companies, the idea behind investing in promotional business items is marketing, plain and simple. As with all marketing though, there is a healthy dose of psychology at play in this process. Tapping into people’s gratitude and good nature might seem like a dicey business process, but that is exactly what those logo-adorned promotional pens and promotional key chains are there for.

When a person receives a gift of any kind there is, in most cases, an immediate sense of gratitude. That gratitude is an important psychological tool for businesses to utilize. By being the company who offered that nifty travel mug or the key chain you use everyday, you are positively ingraining your brand in a consumer’s psyche. When it comes to shopping for whatever product or service you happen to sell, their repeated use of that item will inevitably rest high in the consumer’s brain. The sense that your company has gone above and beyond will make a customer feel intrinsically linked to your brand.

Using a tactic like this to bring customers back is a great way to assure return business. The worst thing that could happen to a company is customers merely stopping by once and never returning.