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Tips & Tricks to Help Promote your Business in the New Year

Promote your business in the New Year

Keeping your customers happy is one of the most important things that can help improve sales for your business. There are many different marketing and promotional tactics business owners can use to keep their customers happy and interested in their products. Here are just a few business promotional tactics and ideas for you to keep in mind in the New Year!


  • Many businesses use humor in their promotions. Funny sayings and catchphrases are more likely to stick in peoples heads. Print a funny saying that deals with your business on a pen, keychain or even on your business cards.
  • Speaking of business cards, these small paper cards are an important part of promoting your business and bringing in new clientele. Always keep business cards on hand just in case. In addition to having a few business cards with you at all times, you should always know where they are. If you’re stuck searching through your pockets or purse for a business card, you’re not sending a good message possible customers. It’s always best to keep your business cards in a business card holder or something similar.
  • Give your employees complementary gifts that are personalized with your business logo. Not only will this keep your employees happy, but employees will likely use these products outside of work, making possible customers aware of your business. At PenFactory.com we have many personalized products for you to choose from including personalized pens, pencils, bags, drink bottles, key chains and more!
  • Keeping customers happy so they’ll shop again is as simple and being friendly and offering them a smile and thank you.


You can learn more about personalized products and different ways to promote your business in 2012 at PenFactory.com.