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Easter Presents that Aren’t Chocolate for Big Kids, Students, and Employees

Finding Easter presents can be hard. Where to buy Easter gifts that are not candy? Read below to find out.

Easter and Sweets: Inseparable?

When you think of Easter gifts, what do you think of? If you’re like most people, you probably think of giving chocolate eggs in baskets for children, students, family, and friends alike.

Other sweets such as those marshmallow chicks and jelly beans probably cross your mind, too. It almost seems like candy and Easter are inseparable; you won’t see a grocery store Easter display without shelves full of sweets.

Easter Surprises without the Sugar

While it’s true that chocolate is a tasty Easter treat and tradition, it isn’t the only gift that you can give out for Easter. In fact, while young kids may love chocolate, many big kids and adults are tired of receiving sweets for the holiday, and prefer more practical gifts.

Additionally, not everyone can eat chocolate or candy, making sweet gifts inaccessible for everyone. Instead of giving out chocolates to your students, employees, or kids this Easter, consider offering them something that they’ll actually love and use all year long, such as personalized pens, tech accessories, and more.

PenFactory prints your message or logo on various products, including pens, notebooks, highlighters, and more so you can offer gifts with a truly personalized touch. Print your company motto, class or school logo, or a fun family photo on your Easter gifts this year and “wow” your friends, employees, or kids.

It’s time to give out some new gifts for Easter this year. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, we’re here to help. Let’s dive into some non-chocolate ideas for Easter presents for everyone.

Easter Presents for Students

Easter is a special time of year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and love to your students with personalized gifts. Whether they are in college, high school, or elementary school, students will appreciate receiving a fun gift for the holidays. Still, shopping for gifts for your students during the holidays – like Easter – can be a challenging affair. 

It’s important to find Easter gifts for students that are both fun and practical; students won’t use gifts that they find too corporate or boring, but it’s also critical that you get them something they can actually use so it won’t end up in the trash. So what do you buy? 

Thankfully, it’s easier than it seems to purchase gifts for students if you just know where to look, and what they like. Most students would appreciate receiving something that they can put to use on a daily basis. For a standout gift that students will actually use, consider buying them personalized pens, notebooks, or highlighters. For example, the incredibly useful Sharpie® Clear View Highlighter is a simple and practical gift that students will use every day. 

Pair this writing tool with a notebook or agenda like the Regatta Frontier Duo Pocket Pal Calendar so students can put them to good use!

If there is one thing that nearly all students share in common, it’s their passion for technology. A helpful tool that they will love is a stylus pen, but not just any ordinary stylus. Make this present special by customizing it with your students’ names, school logo, or mascot. The Lexi Soft Touch Lighted Tip stylus is the perfect stylus pen for writing notes on a tablet, plus, it lights up!

Students can use these editing and organization tools to stay on top of their busy schedules, and excel in-and-out of the classroom. Best of all, you can add a personalized touch by imprinting your school’s logo, class slogan, mascot, or more, to act as memorabilia for your students to keep for years to come. 

If you’re wondering where to buy promotional pens for your students, take a look at PenFactory’s catalog of gifts including pens, notebooks, highlighters, and more. No need to wonder, “are promotional pens effective?” as they’re a great choice for students, employees, friends and family alike. 

Easter Presents for Employees

Making your employees feel recognized is important, and there’s no better time to show them you care, than Easter. While most managers might reach for the gift baskets full of chocolates, break the mold and buy your employees something they’ll actually use, whether in the office or out. 

Hook your employees up with some promotional pens with your company’s logo on them so they can show their pride. Give out handy and fun presents like personalized desk accessories, travel mugs, tote bags, and more. 

Pen Factory offers a huge collection of personalized office supplies; from Eco-Friendly Sticky Note Cube Organizers to the incredibly unique and useful Kinston Triple Function Lighted Pens, we offer affordable and practical options for every office aesthetic and culture.  

When purchasing promotional items for your workplace, you might be wondering what to put on pens, mugs, and other items. The great thing about PenFactory products is, you can add any design you want, from a company slogan to your employees’ names! 

Find a variety of Easter presents including desk accessories, travel mugs, tote bags, pens, notebooks and more from PenFactory. Not only will they make your employees feel special, but they will also be useful items that your employees can utilize in their everyday lives. These personalized gifts will remind them of the appreciation you have for them every time they use it.

Easter Presents for Big Kids

It’s easy to shop for young kids during Easter; you can pick up some plushies and some chocolates, throw them in a basket and call it a day. But what about the older kids and teenagers?

 Once kids hit a certain age, traditional Easter baskets and children’s toys just don’t appeal to them anymore, however, gifts for the office don’t interest them either – so you’ll need to come up with some new ideas!

For older kids, consider buying something they can put to good use at school and at home like personalized pens, tech accessories, and stress balls. Almost all teenagers and older kids have a phone of their own these days, so personalized tech accessories are a perfect choice. 

For your tech-lover, consider purchasing this customizable pop socket easy handling on their cell phone. You can add their favorite sports team, music artist, or a picture of their pet for fun! Is their cell phone constantly dying? Be practical and fun with this portable charger lipstick power bank. Looks like a red lipstick, but actually provides over 3 hours of charge for Apple or Android devices!

For kids who love to fidget, try the Stress-Relieving Fidget Pop Pen, which both provides them with a useful pen and a fun stress ball to hold.  For your kid that loves the healthy lifestyle, this 32 Oz. Fruit Fusion Bottle is great for infusing their water with fresh fruit. 

You can customize any of PenFactory’s many gifts with quirky designs that kids will love; decorate pens with their favorite characters or family photos, or with a design that you know your kid will love. 

While older kids probably won’t enjoy an Easter basket full of stuffed animals and chocolates as much as younger kids, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them an Easter basket of their own that they will love! Grab a wooden or plastic basket and fill it with paper grass or tissue paper. Then, fill the basket with all kinds of different goodies – from fidget pens to water bottles and notebooks and so much more. 

How to Personalize Your Own Easter Gifts

As we’ve mentioned, receiving the same old Easter gifts every year can get pretty boring. Who wants to receive chocolate eggs for the seventh year in a row? To add a more unique touch to your Easter presents, you should customize and personalize them! 

If you’re ready to personalize your own gifts, you might have searched up “how to make pens with logos on them” or “where can I get personalized pens.” Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! PenFactory offers unique Easter gifts with countless personalization options just for you.

You can customize useful items like pens, notebooks, water bottles, tech accessories, and more to make your gifts stand out this year. There are tons of ways you can customize your gifts at Pen Factory, too – through printing, engraving, or embossing them with any image or text you can think of. If you’re curious about all of the products you can customize and order today, take a look at our full catalog of thousands of promotional products that you can give out as gifts this Easter. 

When customizing your Easter gifts, you can make Easter-themed presents that really focus on the season, or you can give out gifts that are less specific and can be used year round. Before placing your order, think about the best way to customize your pens, water bottles, and other accessories! It’s all up to you; Pen Factory offers limitless customization so you can personalize every item to your liking. 

Shop for Personalized Easter Gifts at PenFactory!

Now that Easter is almost here, it’s time to start buying Easter gifts for your employees, friends, family, students, and other loved ones. While you might be encouraged to reach for the chocolate, think outside of the box this year and grab some unique Easter party favors that will end up in the recipients’ hands every day instead of in the trash. 

Wondering where to order pens with logos on them, or asking yourself, “how much do pens cost with your logo on them?” Wonder no more. 

At PenFactory, we offer a huge catalog of promotional pens, notebooks, and other gifts for your students, colleagues, employees, and more. We provide customers with countless customization options and affordable prices so you can grab all of the gifts you need. 

Check out our website today to learn more about non-chocolate Easter gifts like customized pens, notebooks, highlighters, and more!

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