Customizable Christmas Gifts for Everyone (literally) on Your List

The holidays can be difficult, especially when it comes to gift-giving. There are so many different people to give to and consider.

Gift-giving can be a personal process, so why not make customized Christmas gifts for the important people in your life? Customization is an easy, simple touch that can make any gift a unique piece.

But, making gifts unique to each individual in your life can feel overwhelming at first. However, there is no need to scour the planet to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. 

With PenFactory, you can easily customize high-quality, thoughtful gifts for each person in your life. Giving someone a personalized gift for Christmas adds that little touch of love to the gifting process.

With a wide variety of gifts to choose from, we have the perfect gift for you to select and customize for every single person on your gifting list.

In this guide, we share some helpful gift ideas for everyone on your list!

For the Long-Time Friend

A long-time friend deserves a customized present that takes thought and is unique to them. Friends often have bonds that go beyond family and the memories that are made with them last forever.

You want a personal gift that speaks to your friendship. Close friends deserve something only their long-time friend could think to give them.

Shops on Etsy can often help you find exactly what you need! For example, if you have a friend who enjoys cooking and likes cats, you could get them a cat apron, or something very specific to their taste.

You can also look into connecting jewelry pieces, such as necklaces that have matching or opposite charms or matching rings. These can symbolize the close bonds of friendship in a  way that gives your best bud a representation of how close you two are to each other.

With long-time friends, it’s best to give something personal that shows your close bond. It shows your friend just how much you care about them and the bond that is shared from that friendship.

You can also think of activities you like to do together and give them something that relates to the hobbies that bring you together. 

For example, if you are both tabletop gamers, think of some games you have been wanting to playand give them that game so the two of you can play it together!

You could also plan an after-holiday getaway for the two of you to share a special experience. 

If the two of you bond over your mutual love of wine, consider taking a visit to a local winery that is conducting tasting sessions. Afterward, you can select a bottle of wine to share with your bestie during your next hang-out session. 

For the Dad, Uncle, or Brother

It can sometimes be difficult to shop for the men in your life because most gifts targeted to men are either overlymasculine or gag gifts.

Cool, unique, out-of-the-box Christmas gifts for men are needed! Men deserve just as much thought as women when it comes to gift giving.

Tools or gadgets can be great if they’re handy. Items that serve multiple purposes are a great way to essentially give multiple gifts in one. It is more likely the men in your life will get more purpose out of these gifts than if you just got them a tie or pair of socks. 

Unique men’s gift ideas like this 7 essential tools pocket knife serves multiple purposes that could fit almost any circumstance. 

Another idea for a unique Christmas gift includes a lighted screwdriver pen such as this one. These are also personalized pens that can be customized with the person’s name, initials, or another phrase to indicate that it belongs to that individual.

If the men in your life care for their appearance, consider getting them something that could be part of their getting ready routine. Some hair or beard oil to help their follicles flourish!

For the Mom, Aunt, or Sister

For the women in your life, the best route is to get something sentimental, or something that speaks to their personal interests. Personalized items work really well when you want unique Christmas gifts for her.

You can’t go wrong with gifts like a nicely scented candle. If you go to a local candlemaker and build a scented candle that mixes some of their favorite smells, they will want to light it all the time.

A new temperature-regulated tumbler or a water bottle are good options. Whether they go to the gym after work or need their early-morning coffee fix, a temperature-controlled tumbler or water bottle will make sure their drinks stay hot or cold all day.

Another option can be skincare products or face masks. It can be difficult to keep skin hydrated and moisturized during the winter months. 

women in colder climates, will appreciate a nice, quality hand cream that will keep the moisture in their hands under their mittens. Speaking of mittens, some shea-infused gloves can be both a fashionable accessory and a skincare tool to help keep the women in your life warm.

A microfiber makeup remover cloth could also be beneficial for a makeup-lover in your life that is also wanting to be more sustainable.  

For the Significant Other

You know your significant other the best. To show them just how much you love them, your gift needs to be something that demonstrates how well you know them. 

While flowers and chocolates are nice gifts, they do not make a unique gift for your significant other. The person you love most in the world deserves something that’s out of this world and is specifically designed for them.

For Christmas, it can be fun to get something that they’ve talked about wanting for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger on quite yet (and no, it doesn’t need to be expensive jewelry).

Whether it’s that fancy new pair of headphones or a frivolous item, Christmas is the perfect time to treat your significant other to a gift they’d enjoy. You don’t need to break the bank to make them happy, but just show that you have been paying attention to their desires.

It can also be a good time to show your romantic side and set up a cute photo shoot where you can get prints or holiday cards made! You can get a customized photo frame that perfectly fits the aesthetic you are looking for.

Giving them a gift they can use or view daily can be something that provides a special symbol of your relationship with that person. They can think of you each time they use it or see it!!

Part of your gifting experience could also include a fun activity that the two of you can do together. A weekend getaway for a holiday experience can encourage a deeper romantic feeling for the gifting process.

For the Coworker

Show a coworker that you value them as more than just a “work friend” by giving them a thoughtful gift. If you know them well, get them something that they enjoy, like an item that will assist them in a hobby!

For example, if you know they have a unique hobby, such as scrapbooking or bullet journaling, a great idea could be to get them some washi tape or a high-quality pencil. These are items that show that you have been paying attention during your office conversations at the water cooler.

But maybe you don’t know them too well outside of work. In that case, is it best to get something personalized but broad at the same time.

It’s easy to buy customized gifts with PenFactory’s large range of products and customization services. You can easily customize anything from executive quality pens to pocket calendar organizers.

Our custom ink pens offer the ability to customize the barrel of the pen in a variety of ways, including adding your co-worker’s name, initials, or the company logo. Pens like these offer utility while promoting individuality, allowing your coworkers to shine in the office.

A high quality pen can be a great gift for a coworker to use at their desk or to sign those important documents they may have to encounter in the day to day of work life! Calendars can also help get your co-worker organized and prepared for the new year. 

Another option could be a customized mug that suits them and their work style, making it uniquely theirs. Perhaps your conversations delve into how meetings could have simply been in an email. Get them a mug with a funny saying that reminds them of those fun conversations!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog on holiday gifts for employee appreciation to learn about more thoughtful presents to gift your employees or coworkers this season!

For the Teen

Teens can be hard to buy gifts for, because they are in a very transitory period of life. A lot of their priorities are focused on their present.

It’s best to get something functional for your teen that they’ll use in their everyday life and think is cool. However, it can also be smart to think on-trend that can give you some insight into what they may like. 

Trendy items like LED string lights can provide both lighting for their space as well as festivity for the holidays. Many teens will want LED lights for their first apartment or dorm room. LED lights that either are strictly pure light or can be remote-controlled for different settings are good options. You can also consider options that come with clips to hang pictures on the string so it can make a decorative photo-hanging fixture.

Cool accessories for the technology they also have can be a unique idea. Many teens like to individualize their technology products through cases, stickers, or other means. If you know some of their favorite TV shows or movies, you could consider stickers that relate back to that media.

Another option to consider is a mobile phone accessory that fits their unique personality. If you haven’t seen them in a long time or know much about them, a power bank, phone grip, or smartphone wallet are all great options. 

For the Distant Relative

Distant relatives can also be tough to shop for, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while or don’t know them well personally. 

That is why the easiest route to go for gift-giving is to customize a gift. Grandparent gifts, specifically, should be special since they have years of experience with gift-giving and collecting.

If you have photos of your family, a great idea to give the grandparents in your life is personalized photo frames. They can have small messages that symbolize the photo inside, and you can choose the phrase that fits the photo perfectly!

A cool Christmas gift could be a gadget that everyone can use, like a portable power bank or a smart home device. This could be perfect for young cousins or family that has to travel to visit.

These make unique stocking stuffers that serve a useful purpose for just about anyone. This way, they can share the joy with their family as well!

If you know that they have a pet, consider getting them something that they can share with their animal friend. Consider a small toy or a pack of their favorite treats to enjoy!

Another option could be to find something that relates back to the last time you visited or saw that relative. It can be a unique symbol of your connection with that relative that shows them you still think about them

The Christmas Conclusion

Christmas can be a stressful period of time, but don’t let that distract you from the joy of giving and receiving gifts with friends and family. Customizable gifts are a simple way to show someone you love and think about them.

If you want to show the effort of your care for someone, make sure it is something personal that acknowledges the relationship you share with that individual. If you’re looking for useful, customizable gifts, PenFactory’s got your back with a wide assortment of options. 

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