Where to Find the Best Customized Wedding Pens

A wedding is a beautiful moment in time and those who attend often enjoy taking a reminder of the special event home with them. Sometimes, these mementos are brought home and never looked at again – but customized wedding pens are a great way to remind guests of your special day while giving them something that they’ll use on a regular basis. 

Every time they pick up their pen, your wedding guests will think back to your wedding day and smile. They may even pick out a particular moment in the day and replay it in their minds. 

If you’re looking for the best customized wedding pens available, you’ll learn everything you need to know here. We’ll go over how to create custom wedding pens and provide some examples of custom wedding pens. From there, we’ll talk about where to find them – and finish with a review of why you should consider Pen Factory for your custom wedding pens. 

How to Design Custom Pens for Your Wedding

Designing custom pens isn’t too difficult once you get the hang of it. There are a few basics that you should keep in mind, however. 

If you’re not naturally a designer, you may struggle with how to create your designs. Canva has a useful tutorial covering design basics: the last thing you need to do is create a custom wedding pen that no one wants or can read! 

To summarize the article above, though:

  • Keep it simple. You should stick to one or two fonts – and if you go with two, make sure that they’re fonts that work well together. Alternatively, you can use fonts from the same family (italic, bold, etc) to achieve a cohesive look.
  • Make sure there’s enough white space. White space, also known as negative space, allows people to see the design without things feeling too jumbled. 
  • Use an appropriate font. Every typeface has a different personality. Are you looking to emphasize the elegance of the wedding? Then use a Serif font. Feel like your relationship is a bit on the unconventional/wacky side? Then embrace it by choosing another font that better reflects you and your spouse’s unique personalities. 
  • Use different font sizes. Although you do need to be mindful of the smaller surface area for your design, you can use different font sizes to achieve a more ordered look.

A word on different design file types

  • Common types of design files. You’ve probably heard of .jpeg, .pdf,  and .png files. Some of these are easy to stretch and edit, but most of these file types (JPEG and PNG) will suffer if you try to resize them. If you’ve ever tried to crop a picture and ended up with one that is much wider than the original, this is likely the cause. 
  • Less-known file types.  Some file types you may not be aware of: .psd and .eps files. PSD docs are photoshop documents – they have multiple layers so you can go back and edit any of them if you decide to switch things up within the design. Another less-known file type is EPS. This file type allows you to create high-resolution graphics in print. INDD is another file type that’s extremely versatile. You can use it digitally or in print.

One thing to keep in mind when creating a design for a pen is the printable area. Promotional pens typically have a very small printable area for you to work within, and you’ll need to ensure that none of the lines in your design are so thin (or small) that you won’t be able to read the finished product. 

There’s a lot of design involved in creating a custom wedding pen. However, there are some easier solutions that won’t require you to have a degree in graphic design. We’ll provide a few examples below.   

Inspirations for Personalized Wedding Pens

If you’re interested in providing a memorable keepsake for your wedding guests but aren’t too confident in your design skills, then there are some simpler options that can still make a big impact. Sometimes elegance is found in the simplicity of the design, so don’t feel burdened by making a memento as elaborate as your floral centerpieces. Here are a few examples of designs that you could use for your wedding.

Let’s start with perhaps the simplest option for you to consider, which is a pen with minimal text and a more prominent color. You could choose from many different color options and provide quotes, lyrics, or phrases that celebrate the big day. Think about your color theme and find a pen option that could match your event colors or even your bridesmaids’ dresses!

Here is another good example of a simple pen design that can still hold a lot of impact. With a small slogan or other phrase based on your big day, along with a logo near and dear to your party, you can offer a pen that is memorable, yet not too complex to create on your own. 

Maybe there is a flower you love that you can add as a symbol to remember this day or another significant image that is relevant to you and your family. You have lots of room to be creative and truly make your custom pen unique.

For more elegant and luxurious options, consider pens that feature precious metal accents, and come with nice packaging and a sleek design. An example like this may appear even simpler than the previous suggestions, but most people would agree that there is a heightened level of sophistication here. Adding just the names of the betrothed here in beautiful script would really provide for a custom pen that looks like its own art piece.

The “right” choice will always come down to personal taste but having the emotional memory of the wedding day tied to any item will make it a memorable keepsake.

We’ve covered some style choices you can make, but it also isn’t a bad idea to focus a little on the functionality of your custom pen as well. Ink pens are still widely used of course, but digital writing and the use of phones and tablets are increasing, so there is another pen option you can provide for your wedding: a stylus pen.

A stylus pen can be used on touchscreen devices, and some even have a regular ink pen attachment as well. Everyone in your wedding party will most likely have a phone at least, so offering a stylish stylus pen as a wedding keepsake would be a great gift that your wedding guests would be sure to remember and use!

Also keep an eye out for lighted tip pens. These are a great idea for reading during those late nights, when you’re looking over your order of service, or passing over your speech just one more time. Offering these additional practical features provides additional value on top of their emotional importance for your guests.

If these designs have already started forming ideas in your head, then you’ll next want to find a place that can make your custom pens. This can be a difficult process, connecting with the right manufacturer, but we’re here to offer some advice for that process as well.

Where to Find Customized Wedding Pens

One big issue you may feel when deciding to buy custom wedding pens is not knowing where to get them. If you have ever had to buy custom mugs or shirts or any other item, you may know the difficulty that local stores can provide. Whether it be too high of a price for ordering in bulk, or too high of a price for a custom job, you’ll want to find a place that can fit your vision.

Many times, the best place you can find customized wedding pens will be in an online store with the production and shipping capabilities to handle your order, whatever size your wedding party may be. Here at Pen Factory, we fit these criteria.

If you want to find many different styles of pens that are easy to personalize, then look no further than Pen Factory. We offer a large selection of different pen templates, and our personalization system makes it incredibly simple to add any text or logo you want to your pen of choice. Whether you are looking for simple pens or more elegant options, we offer pens across many different price points while still maintaining incredible quality throughout.

You won’t have to worry about bulk orders either, as we have extensive experience in serving large customers and orders and we have the capability to cater to any event no matter the size. If you are also looking to grab some pens as a last-minute addition to your wedding party, no need to fret as we also offer a 24-hour rush production option (this option will of course be subject to supply and the approval time of your design, do not expect to receive your items exactly 24 hours after placing your order).

Get Started with Pen Factory

A lot will go into making your wedding day memorable, and to help extend that significance beyond the initial event, it would be nice to have memorable party favors for your guests. A custom pen is a wedding gift that can be as simple or extravagant as you want while being a practical and emotional gift. You will already have a lot to manage on your special day, so let us take off some of the weight and provide a gift your guests will appreciate.

Check out our inventory at Pen Factory today, and see how we can provide the best custom wedding pens for your big day!

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