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Top 10 PenFactory Items from 2022

Welcome to 2023!

The start of the New Year marks fresh beginnings, but it’s also a great time to reflect. 

Learning more about some of the top products from the previous year is one of the best ways to jumpstart your gift-giving and more. 

To celebrate an incredible 2022 and welcome the new year with full enthusiasm, we wanted to share a few of our most-loved PenFactory items from the past year. 

Keep reading to find out the top 10 PenFactory items to add to your must-have list this year! 


1. 7-in-1 Function Pen

To kick off the 10 PenFactory items from 2022, is, unsurprisingly, the 7-in-1 Function Pen!

You may be thinking that a simple pen is nothing special, but this is NOT your average pen.  It’s a multi-functional tool that includes two rulers engraved right onto the barrel. Use it to write down important notes, but also measure inches or centimeters. It also includes two screwdriver bits, Phillips and flathead, serving as the best sidekick for your unexpected projects.

Furthermore, it offers a touchscreen stylus and a bubble level. Using the multi-functional stylus pen, you can draw or take notes on any touchscreen device. 

Ordering bulk pens are always a simple company gift idea, but the 7-in-one Function Pen is a spectacular gift. It’s a highly efficient tool that employees can use for many daily tasks.

7-in-1 Function Pen

2. Spinner Stylus Pen

Up next, we have another awesome product. It’s a ballpoint pen, touchscreen stylus, AND stress-relieving spinner all in one. 

The Spinner features a click-retractable ballpoint pen. Just click it away when not in use to save ink and keep the pen fresh. It also has a sturdy aluminum barrel and a chrome tip with a pocket tip. Customize the pen with laser engraving to promote your business or event! 

Looking for a gift that can help someone focus in class or during work? Planning a promotion to attract attention? The Spinner is the perfect solution.

It can fulfill several customer needs (note taking, touchscreen device use, and fidgeting) while also generating some buzz. It’s a surefire way to make your next promotion a success. 

Spinner Stylus Pen

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 10.04.22 AM

3. Serena Lighted Tip Stylus Pen

One of the best custom business gifts for a conference or company event is the Serena Lighted Tip Soft-Touch Stylus Pen. This pen also includes an LED light on the ballpoint tip, helping you to take notes even when the lighting is poor.

The rubber stylus works on all touchscreen devices, making this the perfect pen/stylus combo. Lastly, it has a soft-touch finish that helps your laser engraving pop. 

If you’re considering bulk pens for gifts of any kind, add this click-action retractable ballpoint metal pen to your list!

Serena Lighted Tip Stylus Pen

4. Blackhawk Emergency Tool Plus

Next up, we have the Blackhawk Emergency Tool with Flashlight and Powerbank. It features a durable aluminum casing. Activate it with the on/off button and adjust the brightness as desired. 

This flashlight is a step above your average flashlight, as it includes a built-in power bank with a micro-USB port, USB port, and status indicator light. Charge your mobile devices on the go with the added benefit of a flashlight on hand! 

This tool is helpful for carrying in your everyday purse or backpack, and it offers key safety benefits at night. It includes a button-activated alarm siren to alert others if you feel in danger. Overall, the Blackhawk makes an excellent practical gift that can come in very handy.

Blackhawk Emergency Tool Plus

5. The Carpenter Pencil

As much as we recommend business pens in bulk, you can’t forget about pencils! Your logo won’t roll away using these long-lasting personalized carpenter pencils! 

This premium-quality carpenter pencil features a rectangular body, keeping it in place on a desk or flat surface. Not only does the square shape help keep it from rolling away, but it also offers better visibility of your custom designs. 

Use this custom pencil to mark even on rough surfaces. Along with bulk ink pens, add this quality natural wood pencil to your 2023 list!

The Carpenter Pencil

6. The Velvet Stylus Metal Pen

This Arden stylus pen came in sixth with its exciting design and ability to wow customers daily. The Velvet is an iridescent, irresistible pen. Anyone holding a custom iridescent Velvet Stylus Metal Pen is sure to stand out (in the best possible way).

The smooth ballpoint tip offers an exquisite writing experience that’s great for all of your important notes. Use the stylus to navigate touchscreens. Of course, the stunning color-changing finish is a feature all of its own!

The Velvet Stylus Metal Pen

7. The 20 oz. Himalayan Tumbler with Plastic Lining

Our 20 Oz. Economy Himalayan Tumbler with plastic lining is just the gift to get your brand logo seen every day, which is why it’s earned seventh place on the list.

Use it to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. Avoid spills with the spill-resistant lid, and never worry about a mess.

Your customers and employees will love taking this item along on the daily commute or weekend errand running.

The 20 oz. Himalayan Tumbler with Plastic Lining

8. Sabine Pen, Note and Flag Set

At number eight, we have the Sabine. The Sabine Pen, Note, and Flag Set include a 70-sheet unlined notepad for jotting down thoughts and ideas. Stick key reminders anywhere with the yellow sticky notepad. Annotate important documents or books with the 25 colorful sticky flags as well. 

This pen and notepad set offer an abundance of excellent features for anyone. With the included pen, the recipient is always ready to write down what they need to!

It makes an excellent office gift. Not to mention, it’s made from recycled paper for a positive impact on the environment. Heat-stamped imprint.

Sabine Pen, Note and Flag Set

9. Personalized Nylon Drawstring Backpack

The Personalized Nylon Drawstring Backpack is a great giveaway for anyone, making it ninth on the list.

The durable nylon and drawstring closure makes it easy to use and great for errands of all kinds. It features a large imprint area, so you can boldly display your logo or branding. You can even imprint the back of this custom backpack and get double the advertising space. This nylon backpack is perfect for all kinds of screen-printed personalization. Use it for upcoming events, employee merch, customer gifts, and more.

Personalized Nylon Drawstring Backpack

10. Arc Automatic Compact Umbrella

As great as the sunny weather is, it’s not always around. Commuting to work or doing errands without the proper rain gear can be a headache. Our automatic compact umbrella is a gift that will always be appreciated. It’s the perfect size for travel or the daily commute. 

With the push of a button, it pops open to shield customers and employees from any storm. The automatic open feature makes it easy to use. Spanning 42”, the three-fold umbrella keeps you completely dry. It’s a high-quality, compact umbrella made from 190T Pongee fabric, a rubber-coated polypropylene handle, and a metal frame and tips.

Of course, you can still customize the umbrella to showcase your brand. Add your custom imprint on the canopy and this gift is a great way to keep your brand name seen.

Arc Automatic Compact Umbrella

Shop The Top 2022 PenFactory Items!

2022 was filled with some great memories, including these top 10 PenFactory items! We hope they offered some inspiration for future events of employee gifts. 

For all of your custom, bulk gifts, turn to PenFactory. Order your favorite custom pens in bulk and shop for the other top items from this list today!

Visit our online store to get started. 

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