Ways to Support Your Employee’s Resolutions

We’ve just entered 2023!

The beginning of the new year signals the initiation of individuals’ resolutions Whether it’s a new workout, reading goal, or health regimine, new resolutions are formed by people to help them improve throughout the course of the next 365 days. 

According to Statista, the most popular New Year resolutions are to exercise more, eat healthier, spend more time with loved ones, lose weight, and be smarter with finances. 

While resolutions are great to make, many struggle to stick to them due to a plethora of reasons, including work/life balance, personal struggles, and more.

As a manager, you want to support employees in their personal achievements and success because that can directly improve their performance at work.  When employees feel their manager’s support, that can boost their overall productivity and view of their workplace environment.

One way to show your employees support from the management level is to give them a little personalized gift. Doing so shows you care for them and their well-being.

But how can managers support employees in achieving their new year’s goals? Here are some suggestions for gifts that scream “happy new year” to employees!

5 Ways to Support Your Employees’ Resolutions this New Year:


1. Exercising More and Living Healthier

Living a healthier lifestyle is almost always top on anyone’s list. By letting your employees know they have support in their journey towards that healthy lifestyle, it can boost their morale towards keeping to that resolution.

We offer a variety of products that have health and fitness in mind, including sports towels, water bottles, and yoga mat carriers.

For any employee that has a smartwatch, consider our Action Tracker Wristband 2.0! This custom activity tracker is a trendy tech gift equipped with 13 functions to help your employees maintain their health and wellness. 

It features a pedometer, calorie counter, remote camera control, distance tracker, sleep monitor, time clock, social media tracker, text messaging capabilities, call alert, alarm, anti-loss technology, heart rate monitor, and sedentary alert. This wristband is compatible with Android 4.3 and above, and iOS 8.0 and above. 

2. Spend Time With Family and Friends

It can be hard for employees to not be able to spend a lot of time with their kids, especially for mothers or fathers with young children. 

It can be a struggle to leave little ones at home, even for the most dedicated of employees. Problems in the workplace can exacerbate those feelings, so it is important for employees to be informed of the support services available through your organization.

A great reminder of their kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews could be a calendar they can keep in their workplace to remind them of what’s really important.

The Bambino’s First Year by Rachelle Anne Miller is the perfect gift for any new parent with its adorable design of baby animals and it’s non gendered approach to the design. 

It features a blank grid where recipients can fill in the milestones of their baby’s first year, such as their first steps, words, and more. They can add photos, facts, and more to this custom keepsake and your company will become part of their lives forever.

3. Mindfulness 

Journaling is an excellent activity for alleviating stress. With more folks finding creative ways to journal (such as bullet journaling or guided journaling prompts), writing has become a popular way to express and process our feelings. Check out our article on journaling to 

Our Tuscany Clever Notetaker/Organizer Set is a take on an upscale organizer that features a journal for notetaking, a leather-like file folder with zipper closure to keep paperwork secure, and a metal ballpoint pen with matching faux leather accents. A gift box makes the overall presentation complete and can leave employees feeling valued. The journal includes 96 lined pages for employees to design and divulge as they wish.

4. Live More Economically

There are many different ways to live in a more economical way. For many of us, that could be not stopping to get that Starbucks or Dunkin coffee before work, and instead brewing it ourselves.

Investing in an office coffeemaker can influence employees to not stop at the drive-in and instead stop by the break room.This shared gift for the office can be paired with a more individualized gift, such as a personalized coffee mug.  Our 15 O.z Campfire Mug has a trendy, eye-catching granite design that you can customize with your pad-printed imprint.

5. Quit an Addiction (Smoking, etc.)

Many people want to quit smoking or another addiction, especially as a new years’ resolution. However, addictions can be a struggle to tackle, let alone overcome. Folks may be intimidated to stop because they feel like they have to give up everything at once, cold turkey fashion.

Make use of the resources at your fingertips, such as in-house counselors to assist employees looking to break bad habits. They can also assist you by providing advice on how to support employees seeking to break habits. Employee support programs can be essential resources that employees can rely on when needing assistance.

For serious additions like smoking, make sure your employees are aware of their relevant health plan benefits as an employee at your company to make sure they have the proper supervision as they work to battle their addiction. 

Shop for the Best Customized Employee Gifts

Getting your employees a personalized gift is a great way to show you are invested in their well-being and what they want to accomplish. However, keep in mind that these are only just suggestions to help support your employees, and decisions should be made that have their best interests at heart.

It is always important to consider your employees in the decisions you make because they are part of what makes your company go and provide the energy to keep the business going.

PenFactory has a diverse selection of customizable business gifts for you to help support your employees’ resolutions. We offer everything from high-quality pens in bulk to water bottles, bags, and beyond. To see all we offer that can be a cute, yet thoughtful, gift for any employee you oversee, check out our online store here.


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