Customizable Employee Appreciation Gifts

Customizable Employee Appreciation Gifts

Even though Employee Appreciation Day is in March, every day should be employee appreciation day! Employees do a lot for businesses and organizations, and recognition and appreciation from an employer can be a huge motivation, especially during a busy time of year. 

Consider having a party dedicated to employee appreciation. It can make a big difference in how your employees feel about the work environment and help everyone finish the year strong!

One tangible way to show this appreciation can be through small gifts, showing how much value your employees have, and keeping morale high in the workplace. 

Employers who express their appreciation for their workforce tend to increase employee job satisfaction as well. Staff appreciation gifts are a great way to give back to your team members at all levels and recognize all the work they have done throughout the year.

It can be expensive to buy individual staff appreciation gifts. Bulk-buying gifts, however, saves you both time and energy in finding the perfect gift. Buying employee appreciation gifts in bulk also saves you money since as you order more, the price per item decreases.

Here are some staff appreciation gift ideas that would make any employee’s day!

A Simple Notebook and Pen Set

Although it may be simple, a functional gift like our notebook and pen set is perfect for anyone! It is a useful item because a person typically writes something every day for their job and/or personal life.

A notebook and pen set is suitable for any occasion, either personal or professional. If your employees have desks, this set could become a mainstay of the resources that they use day to day.

Since it’s customizable, you can put anything on the cover! You can put your company logo on it, your employee’s name and individual position, or even just a message you think they’d like to hear as they enter the new year. 

Employees can use it in their everyday life! Even when the paper runs out, the pen can be refilled with an ink cartridge and used over and over again.

Inside the physical notebook, there are also some small pads and sticky notes where employees can mark important information to refer to later.

The pen also fits easily into the notebook, making it easy for people to keep track of. This option is a small appreciation gift suitable for employees of all levels.

Power Banks

Let’s face it: technology is a big part of all of our lives. For many, it is also an integral part of our work lives. Many people do professional work on their personal or company phones, tablets, and computers. 

No one likes a dead phone battery, so providing someone with a portable power bank is a great option for an appreciation gift. 

Power banks can be a great functional and thoughtful gift for employees who are constantly on the go and traveling. Finding an open outlet during travel is a nightmare!

Many of your employees may be traveling for the holidays, and this could be a beneficial item for them as they prepare for their trip. 

Also, some employees may not have a car or may take public transportation to get to work. Having a portable battery for them to charge their devices on their commute could be a stress-saver for them.

The lipstick power bank is light and portable and can provide 3+ hours of battery life. To add a professional and fun touch, you can also add your logo or business/ team slogan.

Snack Container

For the employee who’s always snacking or brings lunch to work, a snack container could be a great gift to keep at the desk. It is also easy to store and transport to other locations.

This BPA-free silicone snack container is sustainable and promotes reuse. It’s available in a variety of colors, you can choose a color that everyone will appreciate. 

Any snack will do in this container, from chips to popcorn, pretzels, dips, fresh fruits or veggies, and almost anything else you can think of. 

The top flaps fold down to close the container when snack time is over, while still keeping their food fresh and safe. However, your screen-printed logo will stay on display. 

This gift idea is simple, yet thoughtful. It can also encourage people to pack snacks and lunch to save money on eating out during work. 

If you are thinking of getting them this gift, go all the way in and make sure you fill it with a delicious treat before giving it to your employees.

Triple-Function Pens

With a durable brass construction, this pen isn’t any normal pen. It features a triple function with a smooth-writing ballpoint, flashlight, as well as stylus

The flashlight has a 72-hour life. That means it is perfect for any emergency situation that may occur in the office or car. 

Everyone needs an accessible flashlight, and providing one in a tool like a pen that could be used by your employees every day may make them feel more comfortable. 

The stylus is designed for smudge-free touchscreen use. It can be used on any device that has touchscreen capabilities and can promote sanitary interactions between employees and technology.

This pen can be a very functional small gift for employees who may write a lot, or love small gadgets or stationery. Also, since it is multifunctional, it is a gift that has three gifts built into one small package!

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Pocket Calendar

This high-quality pocket calendar is perfect for anyone as the new year rolls around! Especially for someone who needs some assistance keeping everything organized.

It’s a 144-page pocket pal organizer that features a weekly layout, U.S. and Canadian holidays, international dialing codes, and many other resources. The pocket calendar is a highly functional option for your employees to use for both work and home activities. 

A 50-page replaceable notepad is also included, which is perfect for mini-note taking or writing important phone numbers.

Customize the calendar by adding a heat-stamped foil imprint of your company logo or the year you are planning ahead. 

Tote Bag

It’s time to get sustainable! A tote bag can be just the thing for everyone to enjoy, especially those who may have a lot to carry on a daily basis or have kids. 

This tote bag is customizable with your company logo and 13 colors to choose from. It is perfect for carrying any supplies to and from the office, business trip packing, grocery hauls, or simply giving your employees a little swag.

It features 80-gram non-woven polypropylene with a water-resistant coating for long-lasting use. It isn’t like a plastic bag or elastic-string backpack that is not built to last more than a few uses. 

The water-resistant coating is also built to protect your employee’s items from outside forces such as rain and snow. The 20-inch handles make it easy to carry around without feeling too slippery on the shoulder or heavy on the hands. 

Sometimes tote bags made of materials like canvas can slip off the shoulder, especially on slippery surfaces like a winter coat. However, the material of this bag ensures it is perfect for each individual employee you want to provide gifts for.


These gifts are all great ideas to help you show your appreciation and gratitude for your employees! You don’t have to worry about finding individual gifts for all of your employees if you consider buying bulk employee appreciation gifts.

While you are saving money by buying gifts in bulk, it doesn’t have to feel cheap. Customized employee appreciation gifts feel like they come from a place of care and have the quality to match

Consider getting your staff a unique employee appreciation gift that highlights their work!

If you like one of the staff appreciation ideas above, we are here to help by helping you save time with customization. Visit PenFactory for even more customizable employee Christmas gifts that you can buy in bulk.

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