Non-Candy Halloween Gifts for Adults 

Non-Candy Halloween Gifts for Adults

Halloween isn’t just a holiday for candy. Although everyone loves chocolate, sour gummy worms, and candy coated treats, there are more factors that must be taken into account when planning favors for a halloween party, or purchasing trick-or-treat goodies. For example, maybe kids are allergic to nuts, dairy, or soy, or their parents do not permit them to have too much sugar. 

Halloween, additionally, is not just a holiday for kids. With the opportunity to enjoy fun costumes and décor, or visit amusement parks and haunted houses, there is plenty of entertainment to go around for adults as well. A great opportunity to enjoy time with your peers on Halloween can also come from hosting your very own Halloween party!

Now, as we get older, we may have less excitement when it comes to indulging in Halloween candy, so the question then becomes: What do you give adults for Halloween?

What types of favors can be purchased for Halloween that are not candy, but still fun? And where can we find goodies like this in bulk?

Well, there are plenty of creative Halloween party favors that can make your Halloween party a memorable event for all attendees. We have compiled a list of non-candy halloween gifts for kids or adults that you can explore with plenty of choices to consider for your next Halloween event.

List of Non-Candy Halloween Party Favors You Can Buy in Bulk

Here at PenFactory, we have extensive experience in serving large events with a quick turnaround and supplying them with personalized memorabilia to ensure that every visitor has lasting memories. And while our pen selection may be impressive, it is just one type of gift that we can provide for you and your next Halloween Event.


Water Bottles


Coming from a family where us kids were always losing our water bottles, I know how valuable a free bottle can be. Water bottles are fun and functional, being great tools for young athletes, or for adults. Additionally, using reusable water bottles are a great way to help reduce your impact on the environment by saving the plastic spent on other water bottles. It will also increase your hydration levels, which are important for your daily health. Personalize these water bottles to make them Halloween-style by adjusting the colors, adding a cute Halloween ghost, and “Annual Smith Halloween Party.” 

Bottle Opener Keychains

While kids can enjoy candy and pets can love chew toys, adults will benefit the most from our next suggestion: Bottle Openers. More specifically, personalized bottle opener keychains! It seems like you always really need a bottle opener when you don’t have one, but you can avoid that issue altogether by keeping a convenient bottle opener keychain on hand! This keychain can attach to your keys and therefore go with you wherever you hang out.


Outside of just the practical use of the bottle opener keychain, by customizing your own to include in goodie bags for your partygoers, you can offer a personal gift with emotional value. We may have all visited some event in the past, whether for work, vacation, or some other reason, and received personalized memorabilia with the date and logo of the event. Even if you may not use them all the time, you hang on to them because of their emotional value and the memories they bring.


Likewise, with a bottle opener keychain, while the gift may seem simple, it’s the thought that counts and the memories of your event will remain with partygoers long after they have left.

Reusable Tote Bags

Another item that is often high in demand but low in supply when you really need it: reusable tote bags! Reusable tote bags are great for several reasons, not the least of which is their ability to promote sustainability. For anyone looking to improve their impact on the environment, phasing out plastic is a big part of their goals. While many stores are doing better with their stance on plastic bags, it is always beneficial to carry your own canvas or other reusable material bags to help reduce your need for plastic ones. By offering a reusable tote bag as a gift at your Halloween party, you can give your guests a present that will be valuable long after the gathering is over!


Also, as long as we are on the topic of the practicality of reusable tote bags, consider them as an option to act as your goodie bag as well! Supermarkets will be lined with gift bags that people can use to store their Halloween party treats, but many of these will be one-time-use bags that will be fun in the moment but quickly disposed of. By making your goodie bag a reusable tote bag, you can help prevent even more waste!


Reusable tote bags can be personalized just like the bags you would find at the store. So, if you worry about them not being festive enough, consider a fun design that you can apply to your reusable totes.

Popsockets or Tech Accessories

Technology has become an integral part of many if not most people’s lives. Access to the internet, especially through a mobile phone is almost mandatory for many professions and even just maintaining a social life. This offers a lot of opportunities for goodies and gift making, as you can be sure that tech accessories will be something that all your guests can find use from.


When it comes to tech accessories, you have many different options that could work as gifts for a Halloween party. Popsockets have become increasingly popular for people to place on their mobile phones, not only as a decorative ornament but also as a functional tool to help them hold them or stand them up. Outside of popsockets, you can consider things like stylus pens, which can help people navigate touch screens without the use of their hands, which can come in handy especially as the weather begins to become colder through October and into the winter.


Power banks to keep mobile phones charged and ready to use are also incredibly practical goodies that should bring cheers from many guests. If you are deciding what you can include in a Halloween goodie bag, then including these valuable tech accessories is a great choice.

No-Touch Button Presser and Door Opener

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, we have all become more aware of germs and the surfaces we touch. One of the tools that has found more use as result, is a No-Touch Button Presser and Door Opener. This is a tool that is used in situations such as selecting a floor on an elevator or opening an entrance or bathroom door, without needing to directly come into contact with them.


For people who are really conscious about their exposure to bacteria and viruses, this tool can offer them a great deal of peace of mind. Even for those who are not aware of this tool’s existence, they may still find themselves making use of it when they least expect it. If you’re looking for another addition to your Halloween party goodie bag, this is another practical choice that could make a great present.


Whether it’s for your morning coffee, evening tea, or any other beverage in between, many people will have a piece of drinkware that they are fond of. This is why mugs are one of your best choices when it comes to fun party favors.

Chances are you know of someone who has their own extensive mug collection, featuring logos of schools, events, and TV shows that they have attended or followed over the years. While having a standard drinkware set is nice, it can be quite welcoming to open your cabinets and see memories of your past experiences contained on the faces of your mugs.

By personalizing your own mugs for your Halloween event, you can offer another wholesome gift that will provide happiness and joy whenever it is used thereafter. Also, you can extend the use of your mug even further and utilize it like the reusable tote bag mentioned earlier. This may require a little more effort on the behalf of the party organizer, but a cool idea could be to put candy and other treats inside of your personalized Halloween mugs and wrap it like an individual goodie bag for your partygoers. This is a cool presentation piece and means you don’t have to incur any other costs for bags and packaging.

Pocket Knife

Now, now, let’s not get carried away here. Pocket knives are NOT to be gifted as favors to little trick-or-treaters. However, some adventurous adults might get a kick out of a pocket knife. Do you have friends or coworkers who are outdoorsy or like to dabble in different craft projects? In that case, a pocket knife can be the perfect gift to assist them in their endeavors.

This may feel a bit out of leftfield for event organizers, but pocketknives can work great as a party favor and if the event is organized amongst adults who are well-acquainted with each other, then there shouldn’t be too much reason to worry.

Also, pocket knives have come a long way and many now function as a way to include many other necessary tools that one could use on a camping trip for example, or just getting chores and projects done around the house. This pocketknife, for instance, features 7 built-in tools, like scissors, a nail file, and even a screwdriver head, meaning it will find consistent use in the homes of your partygoers.

If you know your event will feature attendees who are often working on projects or just moved into a new home, then a personalized pocket knife could be a great party favor to include in your Halloween goodie bags.

Halloween Doesn’t Have to be Sweet!

Candy does not have to be the only Halloween party favor that is gifted. Many people may still consider Halloween as an event catered more towards children who love to trick-or-treat, but the options for adults to enjoy themselves on this day are plentiful as well. If haunted houses and theme park attractions aren’t for you, then you might feel more welcomed at a Halloween party, hosted in your office or at your home, or even at a local event hub.

And even though you are an adult, Halloween is a perfect time to offer festive goodie bags for attendees and include sweet treats and practical gifts that are memorable for partygoers. With this post, we have tried to include a good variety of different party favors that party organizers can look to include in their Halloween Day gift bags.

If any of these choices have inspired you then you are in luck! Here at PenFactory, we offer all of these options and the ability to personalize them to create a memorable gift for your partygoers. Browse our selection, customize your choices, and expect swift service so that you’re ready to host your most memorable Halloween party yet!

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