Adapt Your Branding for the Digital Age with Stylus Pens

Statistics overwhelmingly support the positive impact promotional products have on brands regarding brand name recognition and favorable impressions. When deciding what to use as a promotional item, it is essential to consider items people use regularly, like pens. 

Pens are used daily by almost everyone making promotional pens one of the most effective promotional tools. Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) reports that 89% of consumers own promotional writing instruments. In addition, promotional writing instruments will have approximately 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime. 

Defining writing instruments today is different than it was five, ten, or twenty years ago. The digital age has most people typing, swiping, or writing on a smart device. Therefore, pens have evolved to accommodate digital devices, by now often including styluses.

For conference attendees, stylus pens can be an especially useful tool. Because many professionals attending conferences are tech-savvy by nature, they will be more likely to use a branded stylus pen than the average person.

Who’s Using Stylus Pens?

Many modern professionals are using stylus pens. Healthcare workers and animators are professions that commonly utilize stylus pens. However, many other professionals now opt for a stylus pen or a hybrid stylus ballpoint pen combo. 

Digital pens are increasingly used in education as digital textbooks and notebooks gain popularity. Stylus pens are becoming more common in everyday life in business and home, making them a perfect promotional item.

different stylus pens from Pen Factory

What are Stylus Pens?

Typically stylus pens are pen-shaped devices that have a soft rubber tip. The rubber tip of the stylus pen moves easily over any touchscreen device. 

Most stylus pens are not device-specific and can be used with any tablet, laptop, or smartphone brand. The rubber tip works by touch or light pressure, and the higher quality stylus pens offer smudge-free operation when swiping, typing, writing, or drawing.

Stylus pens for professionals range from simple stylus-only style pens to combination pens. Some even include lights or highlighters as added features. Various styles and types of stylus pens are available for consideration and work well in any workplace.

While there are different styles and added features to stylus pens, there are also different types of stylus pens. Some are capacitive, also known as passive. Capacitive stylus pens allow you to write or tap on touch screens, but do not communicate directly with a smart device. Capacitive stylus pens are also not Bluetooth compatible. Active stylus pens have a tip and include electronic parts, which may consist of eraser modes or memory.

Pen Factory carries a wide range of stylus pens to use as a promotional product for your company or organization. We have selected a sampling to share. Please visit our website to see more stylus pens.

Wheat Writer Stylus Pen

Made from wheat straw polypropylene, eco-friendly, and derived from renewable and reclaimed materials. This pen twists and has the stylus on top.

Burma Stylus Pen

This pen is an eco-friendly pen with a paper barrel and stylus tip. This tech-friendly pen operates as a retractable medium ballpoint pen.

Econo Stylus Pen

Lightweight aluminum pen usable with any touch screen device. This pen has a connector cap port that plugs into all headphone ports.

The Bishop Stylus/Pen

Brightly colored barrel with a chrome trip. Usable with any touch screen device and a comfortable soft rubber grip.

I-Stylus Grip Pen

This I-stylus pen is a SENSI-TOUCH brand stylus pen with up-to-date technology compatible with the latest capacitive screen technology. The I-Stylus Grip  is designed for any high-end touch screen device.

Cali Stylus Gel Pen

A trendy gel pen with a soft touch. It is a metallic-colored pen made with ABS plastic. Constructed with a carrying clip for paper. Used to write on touch screens.

Tev Stylus LED Pen

Easily switch from writing on touch screens to writing on paper. This pen has a soft-touch stylus tip and an LED light at the top—a twist-to-write design.

Tev Metallic Stylus Pen

A two-in-one writing tool allows for easy transition between paper and touchscreen. It is made from durable plastic with a twist-action design. Features include a medium-point black ink and rubber grip for writing comfort.

The Stealth Stylus Flashlight Pen

Dual stylus and ink pen with an LED flashlight, this pen has chrome details and a black stylus.

Neo Flashlight & Stylus Pen

Beautiful translucent color with a top LED flashlight.

JK30 Javelina Stylus Pen

The JK30 Javelina is a stylus and ballpoint pen combo presented in a silver barrel with colored trim.

Pierre I-Stylus Pen

Pierre I-Stylus is a gold-colored satin pen with a shiny gold trip, an ink pen-stylus combination with a rubber grip.

The Velvet Stylus Metal Pen

Comfortable click-action pen with a black stylus on top. Convenient clip for pocket storage.

Silver Cali Stylus Gel Pen

This stylus pen writes on touch screens, made of ABS plastic.

Neon Stylus Highlighter-Pen Combo

This pen combo has a retractable ballpoint pen on one end and a highlighter on the other. The pen cap holds a convenient stylus tip. Twist action medium ballpoint pen. A removable cap hides the highlighter until needed. The brightly colored barrel matches the highlighter color. This pen is constructed with a carrying clip.

Adler Revere Brass Pen with Stylus – Color Imprint

Smooth soft-touch grip and twist-to-write action, this pen and stylus combo is a high-end pen that will last.

Ducetti Soft Touch Stylus Pen

This is a soft-touch stylus pen with a modern look, a sleek click-to-write pen with a rubber stylus.

Lexington I-Stylus-25 Pen

Pen and ink stylus pen combination usable with any high-end touch screen device that uses capacitive screen technology.

I-Stylus Slim GT Pen

This pen is a capacitive stylus pen designed for high-end touch screens.

I-Stylus Slim Advertising Pen

Designed for any high-end touch screen using capacitive screen technology.

Alexa 2 Ink Stylus Pen

This pen has a ballpoint tip at each end. Twistable barrel retracts one while extending the other. A rubber stylus is on the cap of the pen.

Angelina Soft Touch Stylus Pen

This pen comes in a range of bright colors and has a touchscreen stylus tip.

Optic Magnifying Pen with Light and Stylus-Pad

Help read smaller print with this twist-action pen and stylus combo designed with an adjustable optic magnifier and light. Illuminate and magnify small print to allow precise navigation on phones and other smart devices. The slide switch on the barrel turns on the light. A twistable dome opens and closes the optic magnifier.

Hex Grip Soft Touch Stylus Pen

Color-coordinated rubber stylus, this pen is made from durable aluminum with click-action medium ballpoint.

Lexi Soft Touch Lighted Tip Pen with Stylus

Cap activated LED tip shines a light when writing this pen operates as a tech tool using a stylus feature that works like a finger on a tablet, phone, or other touchscreens. Pen and stylus combo with a medium ballpoint tip.

Flash/Stylus Soft Touch Triple Function Pen

A pen on one end and light on the other. The light is push-activated. A removable cap reveals the pen for writing using German technology ink for smooth, gliding writing.

Intersect Dual Ink Soft Touch Stylus Pen

The twistable design allows writing in blue or black ink from one end and red from the other. The rubber stylus is on the top of the pen.

Serena Lighted Tip Soft-touch Stylus Pen

This stylus is designed with a ballpoint tip with an LED light and includes a rubber stylus tip.

Jubilee Stylus Pen

Trendy pen with a color-matched clip. Click action pen with stylus.

Squared iBasset Stylus Pen

Unique square barrel with touch screen stylus at the top. Chrome clip for storage, twist-action ballpoint pen.

Phonemate Stand/Stylus Pen

A ballpoint pen, stylus, and flashlight with a satin finish, plastic construction and chrome clip. Slide button at the top of the pen turns the flashlight on and off, rubber touch stylus with a retractable medium tip ballpoint pen. This pen also operates as a cell phone stand holding phones in landscape position.

Intersect Dual Ink Soft Touch Stylus Pen

Two interchangeable ink colors in one pen combined with a stylus for touchscreen devices. Twist-action retractable ballpoint pens allow changing ink colors between red and blue (or black).

Royale Tech Soft Touch Triple Function Pen 

Touch screen stylus and flashlight with a twist-action ballpoint. Push-activated flashlight.

Where can I find Stylus Pens?

Pen Factory makes promoting your business effective and relevant in today’s market. Where most marketing now focuses on digital initiatives, the tangible promotional product still has its place. Stylus pens are a perfect promotional product, and Pen Factory makes buying in bulk cost-effective and easy. 

On top of our standard discount for bulk items, you can also check back every week to find deals on select products. We strive to make personalized promotional products accessible for any business or individual, and it will be hard to find a better deal than on our site.

Personalized pens with a stand-out logo will set your brand apart from the competition. Here at Pen Factory, our pens are ready to personalize, complete with your company logo and/or business information. We offer 24-hour production and shipping, ensuring that you’ll get your stylus pens quickly and easily (24-hour shipping is reliant on supply and the time needed to approve designs, not all products will be eligible for this option).

Get Started with Pen Factory

To order stylus pens from Pen Factory, visit our website. From the home page, follow these steps:

  • Shop By Product
  • Promotional Pens
  • Stylus pens

After you select the pen of your choice, complete your order. Instructions for submitting artwork are available with each pen selection.
Contact us today online or by calling 800-851-2533 for more information. We are happy to help you with your custom order for promotional stylus pens.

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