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It takes between six to twenty repetitions for a marketing message to leave a lasting impression on consumers. That’s a lot of advertising just to have your name remembered—but what if there was a shortcut? What if you could cut down on costs and, quite literally, put your name in a potential client’s hand at the same time? What if you could get your brand in front of your ideal customer over and over again, for one flat rate? 

Enter: Promotional materials. 

Go to any trade show, and you’ll be inundated with koozies, t-shirts, hats, and stickers galore. The colloquial name is “SWAG,” or Stuff We All Get. Branded water bottles, plushies, and even cocktail napkins serve the purpose of repetition for companies trying to get their name out there—but which material is best for constant, repeated visibility? Something that won’t be just thrown away or forgotten in a closet or junk drawer for weeks? 

T-shirts are flashy, koozies lend a laid-back, cool-guy-on-the-block vibe, but will they have the staying power you need? 

You’ll want to choose something that has inherent value and use, something that is relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk, as well as being easy to carry and hand out. The solution? Customized ink pens. The customized pen may seem like a played-out option, but we prefer to believe that it’s classic for a reason. 

In day-to-day business and especially at trade shows, writing implements are in-demand commodities. You can delight your potential clients by presenting them with a useful tool, all the while adding to the repetition/recognition matrix each and every time they pick up their pen. 

It’s the small details that hold modern business together—and make your brand stand out in a sea of competitors. From standard plastic ballpoint pens to highlighters, stylus pens, and more, putting your brand image on a piece of useful merch ensures that you stay with your clients long after your first touch point. 

You don’t have to be a production wiz or graphic design specialist to create amazing and memorable customized ink pens, either. makes it easy to order, design, customize, and deliver branded materials for your next major trade show, conference, or event!

How to Design Customized Ink Pens 

When designing your branded products, it’s important to remember that it isn’t “just a pen.” Strange as it may sound, the pen you hand a potential client or employee is an ever-present ambassador for your brand: It’s on them at all times, they see it anytime they fill out a form, jot down a number, or take down a quick note. They’ll associate what that pen looks like with what your business means every single time they use it. Even during an average business day, that’ll add up quickly! You’ve cultivated a meticulous brand image that you can take pride in, and it’s crucial that you follow through with that branding on your customized ink pens. 

When designing your branded ink pens, Pen Factory has no shortage of options! A few options to consider before you place your first order, however, are: 

  • Material 
  • Colors 
  • Pen Style 

When considering your material, you should take into account both your budget and logo. Plastic pens are useful for high-volume orders and are the most affordable option on the market. For as little as 35 cents per unit for orders over 2,500, customized plastic pens are a great deal to reach a high number of customers! Moreover, plastic pens come in a wide range of vibrant colors, which means they can easily be customized to work within your brand colors to match the tone and aesthetic of your brand voice.

But what if you want to produce a product with more staying power? Metal and executive pens make a strong impression and have a sleek and professional feel. Logos printed on durable and attractive materials have an eye-catching finish and offer clean prints. Working with a reliable and experienced partner such as Pen Factory will ensure that you have top-tier support when choosing the most suitable material for your custom logo pens. 

For a pen that really “pops,” consider working in color! Pen Factory offers a selection of specialty writing instruments, from highlighters to gel pens for a signature look that stands out. Why limit yourself to the standard ink pen when your business is anything but standard? 

And what about pens with a purpose? In the hotel bar after a long day of meeting with other conference attendees, having a flashlight on hand sure seems handy. Enter: Flashlight pens! Offering these neat pens is more than just a gimmick—you could even call it a “bright idea.” Your clients will certainly thank you when they need an emergency light source in a pinch and your branded pen is waiting in their pocket.

When designing your logo to go on your pen, you should also consider how it will look when printed at scale. High-quality image file types with clean, defined lines and limited detailing make for the crispest prints. The last thing you want is to get your crate of pens and find out only then that your logo and font look fuzzy and unfocused!

When Should I Bulk Order Business Pens? 

As with all products, the global supply chain disruption has also affected the promotional goods industries. From ordering raw materials to processing prints, shipping them to end-users, and more, there are many moving parts to consider when ordering your pens.  With a trucker shortage ongoing and gas prices on the rise, these disruptions are unlikely to let up any time soon. To alleviate stress and have the best possible ordering experience, business owners must take these delays into consideration when placing an order. Always give yourself enough wiggle room to avoid showing up to a corporate event empty handed.

One useful tool for knowing when to order promotional materials? Inventory. Many people make the mistake of thinking that, since branded business pens are given away for free, there is no need to track this information. However, keeping a day-by-day inventory of how many pens your office—or trade show team—goes through in a day, week, or month period will keep you abreast of any upcoming shortages. Knowing approximately how many pens you need per trade show will allow you to make more informed decisions in regard to order timing. 

As a rule of thumb, it’s good practice to order promotional materials as far in advance as possible to avoid complications due to delays. When this isn’t possible, check your manufacturer’s shipping times to determine a realistic timeline to place your order. In general, allow for twice as long as posted time estimates to ensure that your pens make it to you before you’re scrambling. 

Pen Factory ships all orders within ten business days following art approval. We have the experience and know-how to stay within this time frame—but if you’re on a tight schedule, it’s always best to order as far in advance as possible to ensure the smoothest possible experience. 

If you haven’t bulk ordered business pens in time, though—don’t panic. It will cost a premium, but offers expedited shipping and processing to make sure that your materials arrive on time, every time. This is also the case for orders with a particularly tight deadline. For special orders, reach out to our sales team and find out what a 24-hour turnaround time could do to keep your marketing materials on track. 

Where Should I Order Customized Ink Pens? 

There are many different vendors to choose from when ordering customized ink pens—but not all printers are created equally! A digitized marketplace makes it easy for any middleman to start a business offering customized branded pens, but that doesn’t mean that every brand has the know-how to make something worthy of your logo.

Working with established vendors and an experienced team will make the fulfillment process hassle-free. When you pick a business partner or interview employees, experience in their field is one of the first things any smart business owner will look for. Selecting a branded materials vendor is no exception. 

Your branded materials represent your brand to employees and potential clients every time they use them. You wouldn’t trust an inexperienced marketing professional to dictate client-facing discussions, so why would an unproven vendor be any different?

Experienced customized ink pen vendors know their market—from optimizing your logo to look its best, to sourcing high-quality pens, monitoring the supply chain, and more. Ordering with a partner who knows the market will ensure that you get the best quality available for the price, and none of the hassle. 

How to Get Started with Pen Factory

We offer plenty of options for your next best marketing move—which is, of course, investing in custom branded ink pens! If you’re more of a “hands off” type, our website makes it easy to place bulk orders for a wide range of customized products. After our specialists approve your uploaded artwork for clarity and easy printing, your products will be shipped within ten days. If you’re in a hurry, however, they also offer a staggeringly quick 24-hour turn time. 

Whatever your promotional product needs may be, you can rest assured that a partnership with Pen Factory will certainly “click!” 

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