Autumn Office Essentials

The weather is changing, the sun is going down, and with it is the mood in the office. Don’t let the slow drop in temperature get to your work performance.

It’s time to take the beautiful season of autumn and get inspired to add some new office supplies to keep what you need handy and at the ready to stay focused on daily tasks. Who needs to watch sunrise when you have neon highlights to brighten the room!

It’s not about personalizing, It’s about personality. Here’s the list of autumn office supplies needed at your desk:


Your brain works slower when you’re tired and it’s chilly out, so keep a calculator handy to add the numbers that seem too difficult to count with fingers. (Yes we all use our fingers!)

Neon Highlighters

Brighten up paperwork, files, or notes form a seminar with highlighters. Using colors will make the words underlined more apparent and interesting to read and understand in the future.

Rotating Phone Stand

It’s not conducive to be busy with your phone at work because it takes away your focus. However, with this stand you can quickly scan texts and manage your playlists without too much distraction! Brilliant!  

We can all use a pick-me-up on occasion. Treat yourself to some new office gadgets to kick off the new season right. Have fun at work, it’s the best way to stay focused and happy with your day to day activities.

Shop our large office collection now for all the essentials at Happy working!

How to Customize Your Halloween Handouts

Customization isn’t just for business promotional items–it’s a great way to create special mementos for events and holidays, including Halloween. Check out our previous post on ideas for healthier Halloween handouts, and then try these Halloween gift personalization tips out!




Occasion and Year: If you want your item to commemorate this particular holiday, try adding a simple “Halloween 2015”. Who knows–maybe they’ll become collectibles in your community!


The Moon: Look up what cycle the moon will be at on Halloween, and use an image alone or along with the date for a pretty–and a little eerie–but still meaningful customization feature. You can even add a little witch on a broomstick if you’d like.


Jokes: A goofy joke or riddle can make you smile, no matter how many times you’ve heard the punch line–or how corny it is. Check out this site for family-friendly inspiration, and try emblazoning some faves on your gift items.


Relevant quotes: A little riskier than jokes, quotations can still be fun if done right! Stuff that’s a little hokey can be fun–like quoting LoTR nerding out and quoting Tolkien’s ““May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out,” on a flashlight.


Your child’s artwork: Featuring your kid’s digitalized artwork on your handouts can be a fun way to make your kid feel great and share something truly unique with your neighborhood. Just be careful to avoid hurt feelings. Always ask your child’s permission, and use your best judgement, particularly with school-age kids–you don’t want to set anyone up to get hurt.

A Healthier, Happier Halloween: Treat Ideas For Families Ready to Break The Mold

Even the most extreme sugar-fiends know: there’s only so much candy you can eat. This Halloween season, why not offer treats that encourage creativity, promote safety, and offer a personal touch? Here’s how!



Scented Pens: Pre-packaged candies may be tasty, but often that delicious, warm-fuzzy-feeling-inducing scent you get with baked goods just isn’t there. Get it without the calories or the headache with scented pens, like these chocolate chip and vanilla cupcake varieties. They’ll still be a treat long after the last of the Halloween goodies are gone.




Reflector/Light: As the days grow shorter, it’s really important to make sure kids are visible at dusk. These keychains aren’t just cute–worn on a backpack or jacket, they can save lives. Upload your own art or cute inscription to add even more flair to these colorful and kid-friendly accessories.




Whistle: The downside here–you’re going to have one night of kids jacked up on sugar and armed with noise making devices. The upsides, though, may well be worth it. Like reflectors, whistles are actually a valuable device with a variety of applications, from signalling for help in an emergency to dog training.



Pencils: Custom pens and pencils are definitely useful, but a plain old yellow version isn’t so exciting. Try something fun, like the carpenter pencils–the flat shape is intriguing, and may even be easier for younger kids to manipulate. Plus they offer tons of space for personalization–the kind that will make them easier to track in the schoolyard.



Tri-Lighter: It’s the hipper, more versatile cousin to the highlighter, and perfect for school or play!


Mini Notepad and Pencil Set: Lots of kids–and even adults–are drawn toward miniatures. There’s just something so neat about an perfect little version of something you can slip in a pocket or purse. These are perfect for aspiring spies, artists, and doctors.  

Do Good And Be Seen: Personalized Emergency Preparedness Kits

Winter is coming–and that means it’s time to restock your emergency preparedness kits. Ideally, you should keep one kit in your home and in each of your vehicles. Show your customers security is a priority, and share a reminder with them featuring this FEMA approved list of basic essentials. Better yet, offer them some customized business promotional items that double as kit essentials–after all, actions do speak louder than words!




Whistles can be used in emergencies to signal for help. Dubious? Just check out this recent news piece, about a man overboard. Fatigued, and numbed by the cold water, he was struggling to stay afloat–but the sound of his whistle attracted the attention of cottagers on the shore, who called emergency services.



There are lots of situations where a flashlight comes in handy. They can even be used for signaling rescuers in a pinch. If you have little ones at home, flashlights become great sources of entertainment–and much needed distraction–during power outages. Oh, and if you need to brush up on your shadow puppeting skills, check out these tips from a pro!



Multi Tool

Technically, you want a wrench or pliers minimum. This multi tool has it all–and it’s a great way to represent a brand that’s flexible and ready to deal with anything.
Want more practical promotional item ideas? Head over to the “Tools” section of our website.

Consistency In Colors and Style for Branding

Promotional ProductsThe most important thing to establish when promoting your business is some sense of consistency. This means important things like finding brand identifying colors as well as a tone and “voice” for your business to take on. These elements should be consistent in everything from promotional products to social media posts.

Getting some consistently designed promotional pens, keychains, cups and more is easier than ever thanks to Pen Factory. You can find styles of pens that feel comparable to styles of keychains. You can send in similar logos altered to fit the shape of each item. As these items are created they can help put forward the concept and tone of your company and help define your business to consumers.

Deciding on colors and concepts can take time but once you do it is important to stick with them. If six months down the line promotional materials shift from green to red there had better be a good reason for it. Otherwise sticking with the same branding is the best way to be recognized and remembered by customers everywhere!

Brand Your Business with Reusable Travel Cups

Reusable Travel CupsPromotional cups go back a long way. From fast-food chains offering fun movie tie-ins to corporations offering employees something branded to drink their coffee out of, these items go a long way. Not only is promotional drinkware a great way to advertise while giving customers some clear value it is also just convenient to have around.

All of our promotional products have the opportunity to become a staple in someone’s life. With reusable travel cups though these items take on very visible daily use. That visible daily use allows the items to be seen by many other people, around the office, at an important meeting, on the subway. In each case the very presence of your branded travel cup is letting the world know your company exists and cares about customers. It also shows that customers are happy hoisting your brand name all around town.

If you are looking for an exciting new way to promote your business, no matter what it might be, reusable travel cups are a great option. Available in a variety of styles and ready to order now, this is advertising money with serious value!

Branding and Your Unique Value

Promotional KeychainsMajor businesses spend a lot of time considering branding. Finding a brand identity is often much lower on the itineraries of small business owners. When you own and operate your own business it can be difficult to make time for marketing.

The good news is with branded promotional items you can start to build a brand voice without taking a tremendous amount of time. The key to creating a successful promotional campaign is finding a clear message. For folks in the small or mid-sized retail space that message should be something simple and perennial. In a few words you should be able to define what you sell and why you’re the best in the business.

When creating the text for branded promotional products a slogan as simple as “High quality [products] at incredible prices” can go a long way. By defining your unique value proposition(in this case “incredible prices”) you will keep your business top of mind when they need products like yours. Other unique value propositions for small businesses can be convenient locations, the latest styles, greater variety, and anything else that lets you stand out from competitors.

If you own or manage a small business investing in promotional products is the best way to grow your reach and retain customers.

Branded Items for Employees

Branded Tech GadgetsAt the heart of our business the idea has always been to provide businesses with the kind of branded items they needed. That started with our branded pens but definitely never ended there. Recognizing the promotional power of our products is vital but equally important is the necessity to continue to offer items a business is happy to use and keep around the office.

We have added a number of new “office supplies” recently that might become as ubiquitous as pens at some point. For now they’d make nice perks for employees.

Smartphones are currently resting on many employee’s desks at your offices right now. This can be a distraction but it can also keep the world of communication open day to day. These helpful smartphone stands can allow you to keep your phone close at hand while managing the tasks of the day.

An employee’s earbuds can help focus them on projects while the office buzzes around them. A nice set of retractable earbuds are a great way to give employees piece of the company in a fun way.

Promote Your Business to Students

Promotional ProductsPersonalized promotional products are a great tool for businesses trying to reach a new audience. If you run a company that is near a school the chance to catch that influx of new business is fast approaching. By handing out promotional pens and other school or educational supplies to nearby students heading to start classes you will ingrain yourself to those students quickly.

You can direct a message specifically at these new potential customers by adding messages directed at students or using the school’s mascot to stir feelings of scholarly pride. Whether you go with a utilitarian bookmark that includes sticky notes and colored flags for college students or some chocolate scented pens for junior high school kids you will be making a connection that could keep money flowing in for up to four years.

Even better, making this connection can be startlingly inexpensive. Many of the pens available from our site are less than a dollar a piece. The school supplies available from our site are also incredibly affordable. Each item is available now and can arrive before school starts if you order soon!

The Surprising Reach of Promotional Products

Promotional ProductsThe startling reach and longer term effect of promotional products can surprise even us sometimes. A promotional keychain from a business in a tourist hub of Austin, Texas could end up in Juno, Alaska in a day, spreading word of mouth further than any local ad buy ever could. One year, two years, three years down the line an acquaintance who had seen that keychain arrives in the same business.

Promoting your business with branded giveaways is like planting seeds with a catapult. Word spreads as those seeds spread and plants(or sales) can bloom miles and years away. It is the kind of thing businesses must consider, especially during periods of heavy consumer traveling.

Growing a business to be a globally recognized brand is probably not your goal. That does not mean you can’t reap the benefits of sending out very inexpensive advertisements into the world. Each promotional pen, keychain, or reusable cup can be an entry point into dozens of different sales. All you have to do is order something special to giveaway!