Spring Cleaning and Decorating for the Season

Spring is on its way! Get your home fresh and ready for the season with some products from PenFactory.

The first day of spring is just around the corner! Spring is a season often associated with change, new beginnings, and a rejuvenated sense of self. One of the most common ways to welcome spring is with a thorough spring cleaning! Traditionally, spring cleaning came about as a way to clean up the mess accumulated from winter. 

Back when homes were heated by fire, doors were shut tight and this led to the accumulation of grime and dirt. When winter finally passed, people were able to air out their homes and clean their homes. 

Today, spring cleaning often serves a different purpose. Although you can clean your home any time of the year, the tradition of spring cleaning has mental and physical benefits. 

Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips and supplies to use this season! 

How to Make Spring Cleaning More Manageable

Spring cleaning can do wonders for your mental health by helping to reduce stress and improve your mood. Whether the space you’re cleaning is your own living space or an office, decluttering can create a sense of calm and order. Additionally, cleaning and organizing provides a sense of accomplishment and control, which can help to reduce anxiety.

For lots of people, the act of cleaning is a calming, cathartic job, but understandably, not everyone gets a kick out of deep cleaning. It can also be difficult to let go of the old clutter you’ve grown attached to. 

Despite the struggles of spring cleaning, once the deed is done you’ll feel much better than you did before. In fact, it’s been shown that a clean space helps us be more efficient in work and daily tasks. Research indicates that employees feel more productive in a clean, tidy workspace, and at home, too much clutter can increase stress and anxiety levels. 

Of course, while these mental benefits are great, there are some keys to achieving them you should keep in mind. There are a few ways to make spring cleaning more manageable: 

  1. Set realistic goals. If cleaning your whole home feels too daunting, work in baby steps. Maybe first, you could resolve to clean out your wardrobe or start by organizing your junk drawers and getting rid of old pens. If you have pens made with logos, it can be hard to organize them, especially if you have a lot. You could begin by organizing pens by ones that still work and ones that don’t.

 If you want to get rid of old pens that still function, you don’t have to throw them away! There may be local organizations or charities that will take them off your hands. National organization Terracycle even has a program that will recycle your old pens for you. 

  1. Take plenty of breaks. Don’t burn yourself out by trying to knock out cleaning your home or work space all at once. Instead, take occasional breaks and pace yourself. This will help make the task of cleaning less overwhelming. The Pomodoro Technique is a popular practice for taking breaks. Every 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break. Then repeat this cycle 4 times, before taking a longer break (15-30 minutes).
  2. Enlist the help of others. If you have others around, recruit their help in your spring cleaning project. Spring cleaning a home can be a family effort, and if you have other roommates or housemates, they can also pitch in. Commemorate this special event with an engraved pen for each person who took the time to help, so they can always remember you and the event. If you’re wondering “Why use promotional pens?”, check out our article on the benefits of corporate pens to learn why.

Of course, there are also tangible benefits to spring cleaning as well. 

Physical Benefits of Spring Cleaning

A clean and organized living environment can also have significant physical benefits. By removing dust and allergens from your home, you can improve indoor air quality and reduce respiratory problems. A lot of clutter is never a good thing. Having a messier living space leads to a build-up of dirt, grime, and bacteria. In an office space, this leads to more sick days out of work, which can significantly decrease your quality of life at home. 

Aside from preventing sickness, the process of spring cleaning itself also has significant physical benefits:

  • Cleaning can improve your health! It encourages a healthier lifestyle and the act of cleaning gets your body moving and your heart pumping. Intensive cleaning is almost equivalent to a good workout! 
  • Spring cleaning saves you future time you’d have to devote to cleaning by setting aside a specific time of year to get the job done. 
  • After you clean and declutter your home, it can look like a whole new house. Spring cleaning can be an important part of building renovations if you ever want to redecorate. 

Having a clean space also makes a good impression on visitors. You want to present a space to others that you can be proud of. Many people consider redecorating an important part of that. Redecorating is even better if you have the ability to customize the products you buy to put in your environment, like a new piece of art, furniture, or home and office tools. This is especially true for items you’ll find yourself using every day, such as pens! Pens are a mainstay in many workplaces. After spring cleaning, you can get a clearer picture of any new office materials that you need to really refresh the space.

You might ask yourself, “Where can I buy pens with our logo?” If you want to see how you can make customized office pens, including pens with your logo on them, then visit PenFactory.com. Don’t stop there with your decorating, though! The spring season calls for the right decor. 

Setting the tone for the season with decoration

Seasonal decoration can be a great way to refresh your living space and create a sense of excitement for the season ahead. By incorporating bright colors and natural elements, you can create a welcoming and cheerful environment. There are a couple of guidelines when it comes to decorating for the spring season: 

  1. Choose a color scheme. Think soft pastels and nature-inspired colors like soft browns, greens, and grays. These types of colors and hues invoke a seasonal aesthetic spring is most associated with. 
  2. Incorporate natural elements. Bring the outdoors in by decorating with some freshly picked flowers, faux grass elements such as a wreath on the door, and wooden/burlap decorations. 
  3. Focus on simple, inexpensive decor. Since seasonal decor is only out in your home for, well, a season, you may not want to pay too much for decorations (although if you want to splurge on decor, we say go for it!)  Keep things simple, airy, and fresh—just like spring.
  4. Personalize your decor. You can personalize your spring decorations with handmade items like drawings, crafts, or other knick-knacks that have a special meaning to you. Some people like monogramming their home items with their name or initials, even down to their own pens! Go the extra mile and find out how to personalize pens yourself with Penfactory. 

Spring Decorating Must Haves

While pens are our specialty, Penfactory has even more amazing customizable products and decorations for your spring cleaning. Let us help you with your cleaning this season! To make the most of your spring cleaning, organization, and decoration projects, consider incorporating some of these recommended products. 

The Soundtrack of Your Life

The Arce Clever 5W Speaker can help to keep you energized and motivated throughout your cleaning session. It comes with an eye-catching maple trim design and clear stereo sound, all packaged in a premium gift box. Whether using this speaker when making your coffee in the morning or when you’re working out, this is the perfect speaker to listen to your favorite soundtrack. Not to mention, it is portable, so it is perfect for taking on all of those Spring picnics and barbeques.

Bringing Life Into Your Space

Another perfect spring item is the Modern Sprout One for One Tree Kit. Celebrate spring by cultivating your own tree or give it as a gift to others to let them grow their own! This kit comes with a seed, a growing medium, and a pot, all in a canvas pouch. You can also bring the beauty of nature indoors with the Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit. Grow your own herbs such as lavender and basil with this thoughtful, simple, and attractive herb garden in a glass jar. The garden kit is an especially nice way to accent your home with spring scent. 

Stretch, Meditate, and Rejuvenate

Finally, to unwind after a long day of cleaning, you can practice self-care in your newly rejuvenated home by using the Promotional Yoga Mat and Carrying Case for a relaxing yoga session. Available in blue and purple, this product’s color, font, text and logo imprint are all customizable. These products can help to make your spring cleaning and organizing projects more enjoyable and effective. 

Get Ready for Spring with PenFactory

Ready to begin spring cleaning? We hope we’ve motivated you to break out your cleaning supplies, freshen up your home, and join in the tradition of spring cleaning. 

To find out how PenFactory can add more to your spring cleaning and decoration spree, browse our online catalog of products to see what we offer! You’ll find various customizable, affordable products, whether you’re looking for promotional pens, office accessories, or spring decorations. Order from PenFactory today!

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