The Story of the Pen: Why the Pen is Still the Best Promotional Item on the Market

Despite the abundance of digital tools and equipment, the simple pen remains one of the best and most popular promotional items out there. 

The next time you need to write something down, take a good look at the pen that you are using. What is written on it? What color is it? Do you remember when you received this pen, or who gave it to you? Every pen has a story, and making pens for your business or brand will allow for pens to showcase your brand’s story to a new audience.

But why pens?

As you’ll soon discover, pens have stayed relevant in today’s digital age. The pen is a versatile and unassuming tool that people use for a multitude of purposes, from creating imaginative stories, to drafting blueprints and grocery lists. Despite its humble nature, the pen remains a remarkable workhorse at home and in the office. For those reasons, it serves as the best tangible marketing product for current customers and potential clients.

Traveling back in time, the history of the pen is a long and fascinating tale! 

It all started with brushes used by the Chinese in the 1st millennium BCE and reeds used by the Egyptians in 300 BCE. Quill pens made from bird feathers later came into play in Europe, providing a new level of writing ease and control. 

But all that dipping for ink was a hassle, so the fountain pen was born in 1884. It held ink in a reservoir and the ink flowed through capillary channels. Ballpoint pens followed, with their nifty rotating metal ball and quick-drying ink. Then, there came the soft-tip pens with their controlled porosity that can write on plastic and glass! Who knew pens could have such a storied past?

Learn more about the story of the pen, the best promotional item on the market!

Pen Usage

One survey found that 91% of pen recipients in the United States indicated that they keep pens because they are useful. Whether we are taking notes in a meeting, completing an exam in school, or writing a grocery list at home, pens are always close at hand, and likewise, close to our eyes.

People use pens at work to take notes during meetings, jot down reminders, and write to-do lists. They are also helpful for filling out forms and signing documents, whether for internal purposes or external agreements.

Pens have evolved into indispensable tools for communication, creativity, and organization in today’s world. While we might not realize it, pens have become so ingrained in our daily lives that it’s hard to imagine a world without them. However, their impact on human history is immense and their value should not be underestimated.

In an academic setting, students, teachers, and administrative staff use pens. Students use pens to take notes, complete homework assignments, write essays, and complete exams. Indeed then, these pens are passed around, from student to student. 

At some point, pens will make the journey to the home and home life. Their job then is assigned to homework, writing grocery lists, sketching, and they are passed around among family members. 

As pens are passed from person to person over time, they are held by so many people, and are seen by so many eyes. Because of their pens have truly become a valuable item for brand recognition as well. Something we hold and use so often becomes familiar in our minds, and so the surface of the pen is truly an amazing space for advertisement. 

Unlike other writing implements, such as typewriters or computers, pens are easy to carry around and use in any setting. Tuck them away in small pockets, bags, or purses. Pull them out whenever needed. Unlike smart devices, pens require no external power source or setup, making them quick and easy to use at a moment’s notice. This convenience has made pens a staple for countless people around the world.

Pens as Long-lasting Promotional Products

Pens offer an emotional attachment

Many people have a favorite pen that they carry with them everywhere they go. For some, the pen becomes a part of their identity. This emotional attachment can make it difficult for people to discard or replace their pens, even when they are no longer functional. No matter what prompts someone to hold onto a pen, doing so can increase the promotional reach and longevity of the pen.

Pens are practical tools

Pens are easily transportable and can be taken anywhere, making them ideal for on-the-go use. Whether it’s to take notes, write down a phone number, or sign a document, having a pen on hand is incredibly convenient. Many people make it a habit of carrying a pen with them at all times.

Pens are inexpensive tools

Pens are relatively inexpensive and easy to get, which is part of the reason why we hold onto them for so long. Because they are so widely available, people may not feel pressured to replace them often, even when they start to run out of ink or wear down. Even so, they make for an affordable, simple gift that people are sure to use. PenFactory even has a page of products that can be customized for less than $1.

Pens and the power of sharing

One of the great things about pens as a promotional product is that they are often passed around and shared among people. When someone receives a pen with a company’s name or logo on it, they may take it with them to work or school. Others may see the pen and ask to borrow it, leading to even more exposure for the company.

Pens are also frequently left behind in public places like restaurants or hotels, so someone else may pick up the pen and use it. This offers even more opportunities for people to see the company’s message. It’s easy to give pens away in bulk at trade shows or events, where they can be distributed to a large number of people.

Brand Recognition with Pens

Pens have been a popular promotional item for many years. You can easily customize them with your brand’s name, logo, colors, and/or message.  They are a simple item that can increase brand awareness and create a lasting impression for employees, customers, and leads. 

How to customize pens

One of the most common ways to customize pens is through screen printing. This involves printing the company’s logo or message onto the pen’s surface using ink. In addition to printing, companies can also choose to engrave their logo or message onto the pen. This creates more permanent, durable customization.

Distribute customized pens at trade shows, conferences, or as a giveaway with a purchase. You can also gift them to clients, employees, or partners. When used as a gift, customized pens can help to create a personal connection between the recipient and the brand. Plus, people tend to hold onto promotional items. A PPAI study concluded that 99% of people who received a promotional item like a pen kept it.

Pens increase brand recognition

The more often people see your logo or message, the greater sense of trust and credibility they have for your brand. Printing your branding on a pen is a great way to build this closeness with potential customers. Not only does it make the brand more memorable and recognizable, but it also serves as a reminder of the company’s existence and what they offer. 

One ASI study found that 50% of U.S. consumers own logoed writing instruments. This demonstrates how effective pens can be as a promotional product. With an estimated 333 million people living in the country, this statistic shows just how widespread the impact of a branded pen can be. Looking further into this statistic, we see that the use of the pen is shared by all people across the globe, no matter the culture or society they are from. This means that the pen does not limit the type of audience that your brand is passed onto, expanding your business’ customer base.

Use Pens Today to Promote Your Brand

Pens, pens, pens! They’re everywhere you go and for good reason: they’re a timeless tool for communication, creativity, and organization. Not only that, they remain an effective promotional product. People from all different cultures and societies are likely to hold onto them for a long time, whether they receive them as a gift, pass them around, or pick them up at a trade show.

With the ability to customize them with a brand’s logo, name, or message, pens have a way of increasing brand recognition in a fun and useful way. Partnering with PenFactory to create custom pens for your brand is a smart choice for effective promotion. With a wide variety of options and affordable prices for promotional pen customization, PenFactory will help you increase brand recognition and credibility.  Create the perfect promotional pen today with PenFactory!

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