Summer Craftsmanship – Customizable Tools for Businesses in Home Renovation, Construction, and Carpentry

When you’re getting tools for construction jobs, you don’t cut corners. Two tools that are especially important for home renovation, construction, and carpentry companies are pens and pencils, and PenFactory has the best on the market.

We specialize in making the highest quality writing tools for any job, and we have pens and pencils specifically designed for construction and carpentry companies. You want durable, customizable pens and custom carpenter pencils, and a surplus supply big enough to ensure you always have the pens and pencils you need. We specialize in providing that.

7-in-1 Function Pen

Our 7-in-1 Function Pen is among the best pens for construction. It’s perfect for multitasking and handling plenty of the minor, unexpected jobs that come up in home renovation, construction, and carpentry.

The pen is a durable plastic and metal build. It has a ruler with both imperial and metric measurements, a Phillips head and flathead screwdriver, a rubber stylus for all of your touchscreen needs, and even a built-in bubble-level tool. And, those features are all alongside a reliable pen with good ink.

When it comes to construction, carpentry, and home reno, your tools have to be optimal. Looking for quality carpentry tools that are customizable? PenFactory has the tools you need.

Best Pens for Construction

We can tell you our pen is the best pen for construction jobs, but what are you actually looking for in a good pen? Well, you have to consider what you want your pen to do.

If you just need a good pen, then you want a pen that writes well—one that has good ink and solid ink distribution and coverage—and is durable, in case of dropped materials or a misstep. You don’t want to lose a pen just because it happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On the other hand, you might want a pen that is a Swiss army knife tool that you can keep on you. If you want a pen that can multitask, you want one that has useful functions for your industry. Need a quick measurement? Good thing your pen has a ruler. Need to level something? You better hope your pen has a level tool.

You might notice that our 7-in-1 Function Pen fits all requirements of both categories. These really are the best pens for construction on the market. You can buy them for as low as $1.23 each, and that’s not even considering the general benefits of ordering our products, but more on that later.

The Carpenter Pencil

Pencils are hugely important for home renovation, construction, and carpentry companies—but we probably don’t need to tell you that. You need pencils that are durable, affordable, and well-made. You need pencils with good lead that won’t break and, preferably, is of a carpenter pencil design, meaning that they are rectangular and thus don’t roll away.

PenFactory’s Carpenter Pencil is all that and more. Our Carpenter Pencils are made with high-quality natural wood to ensure that they don’t lose their bright coloring or custom logos. They’re made with the traditional, carpenter pencil rectangular shape, and have crisp lines to ensure that they don’t roll on rough or smooth surfaces.

Our Carpenter Pencils are top-of-the-line. You can use them on the job and at networking events, and they will last you a lifetime—especially for their cost.

PenFactory Benefits

We mentioned the general benefits of ordering from PenFactory before, so let’s explain. There are a few core reasons to order from PenFactory:

  • For one, we specialize in custom products. Every single item in our store can be customized. You can put your company name, logo, and/or slogan on your pens and pencils to ensure that you’re representing your company at every job site and networking event.
  • Two, we ship in bulk. You can get hundreds or thousands of custom, promotional pens and promotional carpenter pencils in a single order, and all at a discounted price! Because we only ship in bulk, we can offer cheap unit prices and quality shipping and delivery.
  • Three, home renovation, construction, and carpentry are especially busy in the summer, and we offer great customer service and quality goods. Get the pens and pencils you’ll need for the entire season—no matter how busy it is—and rest assured that you’re in good hands.

PenFactory’s tool pens and carpenter pencils can’t be topped, and you need the best tools for your jobs. If you’re in the home renovation, construction, or carpentry industries, give us a call or check our online store. Get your customized tool pens and personalized carpenter pencils now so you’re ready for the busy season.

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